LIV Marina: Achieving 100% Sales in Record Time



From Hollywood to New York to Dubai, Liv has built a legacy of developing bespoke residences for discerning global citizens.
In March 2022, Liv launched Liv Marina, a 44 stories tower located at one of the last exclusive waterfront plots in Dubai Marina. Liv engaged with NEXA in December 2021 to assist with the launch of the prestigious Liv Marina. The brief was to prepare an acquisition based plan including social media and performance campaigns, targeting investors as well as residents who are looking to buy property at the newly launched Liv Marina tower.


  • Increase Liv's organic traffic and improve the overall search visibility of the localised UAE site across the region, with a focus on key service lines and industries.


  • High competition in Dubai, as Liv is located in one of the most competitive real estate locations in the region -the Dubai Marina.
  • Since 2020, there has been a monumental shift in the real-estate market, as the target audience is still recovering from the financial losses they experienced during the pandemic.
  • Liv had no previous customer relationship management or HubSpot integration, and because of this, the team had no previous data to benchmark the strategy against.


  • Integrating the website with HubSpot to ensure the leads were tracked properly on the dashboard
  •  Create individual pieces of content that were uploaded and associated with the PPC campaign



Total ad spend in 6 months



7.9+ million


$ 5.5+ million

Estimated revenue

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