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Brand Visibility Campaigns & Getting Started:

Traditionally, companies wanting to boost the profile of their products or services had limited options. These included extensive and expensive print, radio and television advertisements.

Today, with the use of digital marketing assets and publishing platforms, the ability to reach a broad, yet highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost has never been more remarkable. At Nexa, we've created campaigns costing just a fraction of the price of traditional media, but with far greater reach and results. The best part of this is the ability to track everything.

Visbility and awarness is twofold, meaning marketing that successfully expands your brand's visibility will improve brand awareness. The awareness is vital as it is how audiences identify your brand. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my brand being promoted optimally and effectively - in other words, is it visible to my audience, and does it stand out among my competitors?
  • Do people recognise my brand? Better yet, do they understand it and remember it? Is my brand revered?

Marketing can increase brand awareness

  • Partnerships: Leverage the audience of others by partnering with other businesses, influencers or local organisations
  • Public relations: Publish your content with third parties to build credibility with digital PR, which will also improve link building. This should include work with influencers, media and other prominent websites
  • Sharing: Shareable Content will reach beyond your audience's network, which quickly grows your audience
  • Visuals: Using infographics and videos are highly engaging and can increase your brand awareness through information sharing
  • Content: Evergreen and repurposable content should be produced and shared in various ways to increase your visibility in different online spaces
  • Retargeting: Ads directed at people who recently viewed your website, serving as a reminder about your business
  • Engagement: Maintaining interest among customers can be as simple as going the extra mile in a small way, or thanking someone for their purchase or referral. This will expand your brand's visibility over time. Recommendations online are priceless
  • Channels: Become recognisable with visibility across various channels. Having a diverse marketing mix will spur this, as your brand will be seen continually in multiple ways, from social media to search engine ads

The key to recognition

For a brand to be easily recognisable, there needs to be strong branding. Branding should be communicated and visible, from your logo to your slogan, and even your brand voice is one that is consistent across all marketing communications. This will improve the customers recall ability related to your business. Another critical element to this is having a USP that sets you apart from the competition. 

Building your brand should be based on its value. While leveraging trends can be useful, many businesses get swept up in becoming known at the moment. While one needs to remain relevant and involved, being associated with a particular trend alone will only result in short-term visibility which does not bode well in terms of your future perception.

We at Nexa work with brands to develop and enhance their brand, then work to ensure that it is marketed to the target audience effectively so that the branding becomes entrenched in their minds. The power of brand recognition is that it creates associations which can lead to referrals and repeat business in the long term. 

To be successful, a business must be seen, known and loved by its audience. Nexa helps businesses achieve this standard, which increases their reach and improves their perception through digital marketing. 



Business Survival in 2021


It’s time to take the next steps for your business.

Great strides have been made since the dark days 2020 and with the global vaccination drive, businesses are starting to breathe again.

Consumers have already shifted to a new definition of “normal”: habits have changed, buying decisions have been altered, and the whole consumer journey has been turned on its head. How can businesses adapt and cope with this “new” version of the world?
How can innovation help companies to achieve sustainable growth? What is the role of technology in this shift? 

Our new book: Business Revival in 2021: Healing from COVID-19 aims to not only help businesses that need support but to also provide tips, tactics and recommendations to help businesses to identify and nurture new opportunities.

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