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When the American University of Malta (AUM) approached Nexa in Q1 of 2022, we were tasked to help them increase sales at a contentious time for the university. We began working with the client in June 2022 and at that time, the university had only attracted 100 physical students on campus.

When Nexa took over the reins for marketing and lead generation, significant issues were flagged. We had noticed that the AUM marketing team had previously tried to generate potential students, and in doing so, overlooked 500 leads - despite the university having made large investments in technology such as Salesforce. 

Without understanding the Salesforce platform and related platforms, the university had struggled to properly manage, track and nurture leads. We also discovered that the website and other assets had not been managed well and some accesses to lead generation were missing. 


  • Increase awareness of different courses and programs being offered undergraduate, graduate & English for Academic Purposes and their respective courses.
  • Increase engagement and traffic through paid channels and organically. 
  • Generate quality leads who were likely to initiate their university application process and would not struggle to get a visa to Malta.
  • Get as many leads as possible from strategically targeted countries and to get the students to enrol for courses before September.
  • Integrate all of the different tools used by the university to maximise their technical capabilities and their sales and marketing performance.
  • Gain top positions for the targeted keywords


  • There were plenty of negative PR articles on the internet, it was important we built content to override the negative content.
  • Visas would be a problem for some possible students, limiting their ability to enrol in the university.
  • The university wasn’t able to use Salesforce correctly and they did not implement any new tools in order to capture, track and monitor leads and enrollments.


  • We created valuable, honest and informative content, giving users an unbiased opinion of what the university offers.
  • We created a SEO strategy and targeting strategy aimed at countries that required no Visa to enter Malta or countries that allowed easy visas to Malta. 

  • We integrated their Salesforce with HubSpot, in order to ensure all leads were tracked successfully and no lead was missed.


Ad Spend

36.7 million






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