Social Media Community Management Services

Social Media Community Management Services


Social Media Community Management Service Overview:

Managing your business' community on social media is an important but highly-rewarding activity to executed correctly. Not only does community management allow you forge a closer relationship with both customers and prospects (potentially new customers) but also provides trust, credibility and a layer of transparency for your business that was previously difficult to obtain.

In addition, brands who are active on social media have a greater chance of leveraging new business opportunities and building brand loyalty due to the increased visibility on offer. Over 41 million people in the Middle East are on social media platforms with over 87% of active social media users being on Facebook.

Active Social Media Community Management can be and effective marketing tool for businesses.

  • Regular Posting of Content: brand centric content can often be a difficult task for businesses, but this can be overcome by having a presence on social media. The posting and distribution of social media content, videos, blog articles, sales brochures and white papers as well as press releases allows your brand to stay visible to your community of customers and prospects.
  • Driving Website Traffic: Often overlooked as a KPI of social media, many forward-thinking businesses attribute a high percentage of their website traffic to social media. As we know, a brand page on any social media platform is 'rented space', which means that your business is susceptible to algorithm or policy changes. Driving social media audiences to your own assets (such as your website), allows you to be in more control of your relationship with community members. In addition, driving traffic back to your own websites allows you to re-engage and retarget users on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.
  • Identify Opportunities: Our team uses enterprise-level tools to listen out for brand mentions as well as sales opportunities that arise from conversations and posts on social media - even if these mentions aren't from those currently following or connected to your brand.
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Calendars: All social media community management campaigns require a high level of strategic planning and execution. To support this strategic approach, our team produces either weekly, fortnightly or monthly content calendars that ensure brand objectives are being met. In addition, we will regularly visit the overall big-picture strategy to ensure that your social media activity is fully aligned with the success of your business.
Social Media Community Management Service Overview
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