Marketing Automation


Key Features of HubSpot's Marketing Automation System

Marketing Automation Systems are becoming highly relevant for businesses looking to streamline their efforts when managing digital marketing campaigns. The ability to create a set of rules or automated 'Workflows' means that marketers can efficiently create simple tasks that are carried out on their behalf by marketing automation systems. HubSpot's workflow systems are designed to trigger actions from your company based on certain criteria that can be customised for your business and setup inside HubSpot.

  • Easy to setup and use
  • All automation elements can be tracked for effectiveness
  • Efficiently manage simple and complex tasks such as Sales Team notifications or interaction with potential customers
  • Allows your business to always 'be on'
  • Reduces time (and money) spent on marketing campaigns that can be better utilised elsewhere

Already a Hubspot user? We provide consulting and support services to help you take your inbound marketing to the next level

Initial Setup
We assist you with a hassle-free setup and onboarding to HubSpot's Marketing & Sales Platform.
Consulting Services
Receive hands-on guidance from our Inbound experts who will work with you to better utilize and maximize your gains from Hubspot's Marketing & Sales Platform.
Two Day Intensive Workshop
Enrol yourself & the team into a two-day intensive workshop to educate yourself on how you can better use HubSpot to accelerate your marketing success.

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