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Influencer Marketing Service Overview

Social Media Influencers have proven their worth by providing successful social media endeavours that promote brands. This is a marketing technique that isn't going anywhere, in part because it taps into the psychological need of social proof within a community, in which people desire to belong.

Influencer Marketing is Effective

Influencers are, in many cases, the modern-day celebrity with a loyal following of fans interested in their stories, opinions and day to day activities. Many influencers have a higher following on the mainstream social media platforms than some of the most celebrities in the world. They are referred to as mega influencers, with micro-influencers having as 'few' as a couple of hundred followers. 

Unlike celebrity endorsements, which tend to be reserved for large brands, social media influencer marketing can work for any type or size of business. What matters is that your brand has a story to be told and a target audience base that can be reached. If you have these ingredients in place, a social media agency with a network of influencers can easily target the right type of personality to help you promote your brand and brand stories.

How Influencer Marketing Works

Social Media Influencers generally have a core social media platform of choice, which is often YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or most recently, TikTok. In addition to this, it's not uncommon for influencers to cross-market their brand to other platforms and by doing so can often have a slightly different follower base because of this.

They work on creating content to share with their followers in an authentic way that makes sense to their brand as well. By doing this, a brand can increase its reach, traffic and perception. The value is in their genuine endorsement of a product, which acts as a form of digital pr. 

Creators share their high-quality content to be successful, which in many cases includes videos. They can therefore create various types of content for your brand, from ephemeral content to long-lasting posts.

The cost of working with influencers varies depending on the platform and their reach. There are different tiers and methods of collaboration, as well as other methods of payment. This can range from gifting to affiliate rates and commission-based structures. 

How Influencer Marketing is Changing

The social media industry is changing, particularly in terms of the relationship between businesses and these content creators. What's more, influencers are now being termed creators, by marketers and social media platforms alike. Niche creators are being favoured over and above the mega influencers, as their followers have higher rates of engagement and trust. Instead of promotions of a brand, the brand needs to be seen as seamlessly forming part of the influencer's lifestyle. 

Businesses are focusing on creating long term collaborations with influencers which are based on affiliations. In this sense, there is more of a responsibility on influencers to provide a business with straightforward returns on investment. When developing strategies for influencers, marketers are, therefore, now framing them as contractual brand ambassadors, who are less invested in vanity metrics. 

When working with influencers, a business needs to conduct research carefully, consider permissions and ownership rights, manage the relations, handle payments, develop strategies and measure the results.

We at Nexa can handle all of the above for you. We have developed connections with influencers in the GCC who can help promote your brand in the region. 


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