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HubSpot Setup & Onboarding by Nexa

HubSpot is a feature-rich platform designed to simplify complex marketing, sales and service measurement processes so that anyone inside of an organization can use it. 

But the key to success ultimately comes from how well the platform is setup for the needs of your business and how well your team is trained in its use.  That's where we can help.


What is HubSpot Setup & Onboarding?

If you're considering the use of the HubSpot platform, it's likely that you've come across a fee or cost for the setup and onboarding of the platform.  While this can be off-putting, it's important that you understand that this process is absolutely vital and without the platform being setup correctly, you may never achieve your business' true potential without it.

What's Included in HubSpot Setup and Onboarding?

There are three main areas of work that combine during the Setup and Onboarding process:

  • Business immersion and understanding of your company's needs with regard to HubSpot
  • Technical Setup and Implementation
  • Remote or Onsite Training

Why is this important?

Firstly, without the technical setup, your business may not be able to use some of the core features of the platform nor access some of the deep-data that HubSpot can extract from your website traffic.  

But before we even look at a company's technical onboarding requirements, we need to emphasise that every company is different and has different needs.  From our experience, we've seen that even companies who look like very similar businesses from the outside, actually have very different internal processes that need highly customised implementation within HubSpot.  Therefore, before any setup and onboarding project, our team will work with key stakeholders within your organization to understand which features are most relevant to your business and how these need to be setup for optimal use.

Finally, once the technical setup is complete, it's important that your team are fully trained on the platform.  Nexa's HubSpot training team provide both onsite and remote training that is customised for your business and your new platform and is spread over a number of dedicated sessions to avoid information overload for your team!

Why Nexa?

As long-standing HubSpot partners and the only Diamond-accredited partner in the MENA region, Nexa provide onboarding for a large proportion of HubSpot's customers locally. 

What separates our setup and onboarding services from the rest is our ability to fully customize HubSpot features for practical use within your business and our ability to train your team individually or as a group either remotely or onsite at your offices.


As a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner Agency, we have experience in the following services and offer these to clients globally:

HubSpot CRM & Sales Platform
If you're interested in learning more about HubSpot's CRM and Sales product, please click here
HubSpot Marketing Platform
HubSpot's Marketing platform is now the goto product for SME and Enterprise businesses looking to automate and integrate their marketing.
HubSpot Service Platform
From Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) to Customer Feedback Surveys and Ticketing, HubSpot's Service Hub does it all!
HubSpot License Selection
Selecting the right license for your business can be difficult. NEXA will work with you to identify the right options based on your business' needs
HubSpot Setup & Onboarding
We assist you with a hassle-free setup and onboarding to HubSpot's Marketing & Sales Platform.
Full HubSpot Management
Already a HubSpot customer? Do you need the support of a qualified and accredited HubSpot agency?
HubSpot Training & Workshops
Enhance your knowledge and application of HubSpot into your business with our customized training and workshop sessions
HubSpot Consulting Services
Receive hands-on guidance from our HubSpot experts who will work with you to better utilize and maximize your gains from Hubspot's Marketing, Sales & Service Platforms.
HubSpot CRM / API Integrations
Do you require a complex integration between HubSpot and other business systems? Our team can help assist you with a hassle-free setup and onboarding to HubSpot's Marketing & Sales Platform.
HubSpot CRM & Propspace Integration
NEXA has partnered with Property Finder's CRM Propspace, to develop a complete integration solution between both portals
HubSpot & Whatsapp Integration
NEXA has partnered with Whatsapp to provide complete 2-way automated Whatsapp integration between your CRM and Whatsapp
GCC Call Tracking Integration with HubSpot
If you have a large sales team and would like to track outbound sales or customer service calls, NEXA can integrate this with our vendors.

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