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Cost Per Lead Marketing Services

Cost Per Lead Marketing is available to companies within specific industries who understand the true value of a qualified sales lead.  If your business qualifies for this service, our team will work closely with your key executives in order to understand and clearly define your target customer audience and create a lead generation strategy that will be executed by our team.  There will be a pre-agreed cost per lead fee, which will allow you to continuously manage and measure performance and give you the ability of scaling up during slow business periods and scaling down when you're at full capacity.  

Cost per Lead Marketing offers companies a virtually risk-free approach to growing your business.

Cost per Lead Marketing: How it works

Cost Per Lead Marketing and How it Works, Nexa, Dubai
  • Our team will conduct a detailed discovery session to better understand your business, your customer profile and your sales process.
  • We will create a lead generation strategy that will target your ideal customer profile.
  • We'll integrate our lead generation processes into your CRM (or provide a CRM for you if you do not already have one in place).
  • We'll measure the quality of each lead generated and track these with your sales team.
  • You only pay for the leads that are qualified as a 'good sales prospect' based on agreed criteria.

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As technology has evolved, the need for a organisation's sales and marketing processes to be aligned has never been greater.

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