Ambassador International Academy: Awareness and Lead Generation for a New School

Ambassador International Academy partnered with Nexa for lead generation to increase school registration. The greatest challenge was that the Academy was new to the region, entering a competitive market because the school was new, it had no pre-existing credibility or trust in the market. In order to reach the market effectively and build trust, Nexa implemented the following tactics. The Nexa team built an informative and user-friendly website, focused its website and SEO efforts on highly searched keywords, implemented A/B testing campaigns, changed bidding to maximise conversions and placed significant focus on branding and conversions together. In order to better manage lead generation and conversion, a CRM Systems was implemented and used by Admissions Team & Support, in order to streamline and manage the entire Student Enrollment Process, ensuring no lead went unnoticed.


  • Lead generation to increase school admissions.


  • Competitive market with many competing schools
  • New school so no pre-existing credibility, trust or data results available


  • Focusing on highly searched keywords.
  • Implementing A/B testing campaigns.
  • Changing bidding to maximise conversions.
  • Focusing on branding and conversions together.
  • Optimising keywords regularly.


leads generated

95 Milllion+



enrollments (student admissions)

AED 17.5

million estimated revenue


estimated return on initial investment

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