The Arbor School - A Nexa Case Study

The Arbor School


The Arbor School: Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

The Arbor School, located in Al Furjan, Dubai, is an English National Curriculum School that opened in 2018.  The school provides a high standard of education that focuses on environmental justice, compassion for the environment and sustainability.

Create a digital marketing and lead generation strategy that aligns website optimisation, social media, search and paid digital campaigns. The key to all campaigns and activity was to drive applications and enrolments to a new school in Dubai.


Month Campaign


Marketing Qualified Leads Generated


Leads from Nexa's Digital Campaigns


Return on Investment (Year 1 Fees Only)
Nexa Student Aquisition - Intro Case Study

Well Done Team Nexa

It's been great working with the Nexa team for the last 1 year. We've been very happy with how agile and adaptable the team is based on our requirements. Amit, Zara, Tamara, Jatin, Gary have all be wonderful in helping us with our digital plan and strategy in implementing social media plans, digital campaigns, Google campaigns and the list goes on. The team at Nexa has always been there in times of high demand and are always available to help whenever required in whatever capacity they've been able to. Well done Team Nexa! Here's to more of these!
Rouba Zeidan, Marketing Director

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