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For more than 30 years, SEMCO Maritime have been supplying the global offshore industry with flexible systems and solutions. Client operations benefit from their expertise within firefighting and telecommunication systems and components for the offshore industry - within oil & gas, offshore wind and onshore power plants.  With long sales lead cycles (180-24 months) having a strong sales pipeline for the business and to protect future growth is critical.  Nexa were tasked with creating the sales pipeline and marketing automation processes using HubSpot.


  • Lead generation targeting investors and property owners in emerging markets
  • Qualification and education of stakeholders , as part of lead generation flow
  • Products:  Biomass, Power generation plants


  • Target audience dispersed and a high volume of customer segments
  • Complex product offering and education funnel


  • Setup and launch of HubSpot to manage marketing campaigns and automation 
  • Analysis and prioritisation of customer segments and product lines for campaign launch
  • Social media campaigns across Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Custom educational content and campaign flow - per product line
  • Campaign assets portraying technology and brand credibility



Month Initial Campaign


Qualified Leads


Cost per Qualified Lead


Minimum Deal Value

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