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Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing is revolutionising the way companies all over the world are marketing their businesses and in turn, radically changing the way new business leads are generated, nurtured and converted into new customers.

While this isn't a new phenomena, online marketing opportunities, driven by the increase in use of social media platforms have enabled businesses to reach a new and wider audience of potential customers.

Nexa is the Region's only Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency

The term 'Inbound Marketing' was coined by the founders of HubSpot, a marketing automation and sales enablement company based in Boston, USA.

The HubSpot Marketing and Sales Platforms help businesses all over the world create sales-focused marketing campaigns that allow businesses to fully understand the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing and sales activities.

Nexa is proud to be the first and only Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency. Together with HubSpot, our team work with many clients using the HubSpot platform to drive sales and help grow their businesses.

Nexa the region's only Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency

Why should you consider using Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing with Nexa, Dubai

The way we do business has changed over the last decade or so.

10 years ago, we'd think nothing negative about cold-calling prospects in the hope that they would buy or products or services. From an advertising perspective, our options were fairly limited to print media (newspapers or magazines), radio and television or email marketing. But things have changed.

Today, your customers hate being cold called. They want to be in a position whereby they are in charge of the sales process. A customer today, will call you when they have researched their options and are ready to reach out to a potential vendor or supplier. In fact, Google suggests that customers today are more than 70% through the purchasing and decision process BEFORE they even reach out to a potential supplier.

The reality is that while some businesses may not have changed how they sell products and services, our customers certainly have.

Whether we like it or not, your prospects are searching online for the products and services that are offered by you company and will most likely research all alternatives before deciding to (or deciding not to) contact your business. It's vital that your business is present during this research phase.

It's time for you to work smarter and not harder to achieve the results you require. Let us help.

How will Inbound Marketing help your business grow:

At Nexa, we have been providing core inbound marketing services in the Middle East for almost 10 years and therefore, we are ideally (and uniquely) positioned to help your business achieve the following:

  • Generate a predictable volume of new leads for your business each month
  • Increase your online visibility and the number of people searching for your business by 30% within 3 months
  • Identify, interact, track and nurture new sales leads for your business
  • Increase the standing of your business online and position your business as an industry authority
  • Increase the standing of your team members as thought leaders

What separates Inbound Marketing from other forms of marketing is the ability to draw a straight line between your marketing efforts and the revenue generated from this. Measuring accurate ROI is a fundamental part of the Inbound Marketing methodology.

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