Digital Marketing Services that are aligned to your business' growth targets

By implementing a strategy-first approach, our team identifies the right approach aligned to the goals of your business.  This process includes a full competitor audit together with an outline of the messaging, content and services required to achieve your business' growth targets.

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to meet the customer where they are at in the buyer's journey and ultimately convert them into loyal customers and long standing brand advocates.  This is done through smart and personalized digital marketing services, creative thinking and transformative technology, ensuring effective and measurable results.

If your business has clear growth targets, partner with NEXA to achieve these.


Digital Marketing Services


Website Design & Development

We've created over 500 websites for a wide range of clients since 2005


Social Media Marketing

Community Management, Social Media Advertising and Social Media Campaigns can be provided

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HubSpot & Inbound Marketing Services

The lifeblood of any business is its ability to generate a constant and consistent flow of sales.


Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

Increase the organic rank of your website on the major search engines


Email Marketing Services

Formulate an effective email marketing campaign to support your wider digital marketing efforts


Pay Per Click Advertising

Reach your company's desired target audience using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest


Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications can be created for iOS, Android and Microsoft mobile and table devices


Sales Lead Generation

Does your business need a regular flow of qualified sales leads? If so, we can help.

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Video Production Services

Video is a highly valuable form of content with no signs of slowing down. Checkout out the details


NFT Services

The latest iteration of the web presents many opportunities.


Metaverse Services

The Metaverse is creating excitement for brands and marketers. Learn how to engage your virtual audience

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Overview of our Award Winning Digital Marketing Services

Since digital marketing services is an expansive umbrella term, we will break down the main services we at NEXA help our clients with, with digital strategies that result in increased brand visibility and returns on investment. This includes:

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are one of the most crucial mediums of marketing a business online, both organically and with paid advertising. Well managed social media results in a strong brand image and the ability to reach and interact with your audience directly. 

Content Marketing

Content is king in terms of long-term marketing investments. It has proven to be recession-proof and can sustain your business by providing value to both your customers and search engines. Content marketing is far-reaching and includes various mediums, modes (such as visual to textual and auditory) and should be optimised for purposes of search engine rankings. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a primary way to grow a business online. With paid advertising, your brand can become the first answer in response to an internet search, thereby increasing your traffic and kicking off the journey down the sales funnel. Search is becoming ever more important, so increasing your visibility this way is highly recommended.

Lead Generation

Leads are key for marketers. They want to generate them, nurture them and convert them. Digital marketing presents multiple opportunities to create these valuable exchanges with your audience, resulting in a valuable collection of data that can greatly improve your bottom line. 

Working with NEXA

Working with an agency to develop and manage your business’s online reputation can make or break a business. It entails not only what your business creates and shares, but also encouraging your customers to share their experiences and join your online community. Other benefits of this form of marketing include the highly targeted tools available, as well as the ability to provide customer support - in other words, opportunities too good to be missed by a business. 

When working with an agency, they will cater to your specific needs, since not all digital marketing methods will be applicable to you. However, having a well rounded and well-executed strategy is paramount. The agency you work with should be experienced in your industry, with a portfolio of work to show for it. We invite you to have a look at the businesses we’ve worked with, assisting them with various marketing services that have helped them level up. 

When the agency begins working with you, they will develop a strategy which includes specific goals and plans. It includes extensive research and will map out your business’s planned digital footprint. They will then call on their team of creatives to work on the content creation, which should be designed to satisfy and convert your audiences. It will include various forms of digital marketing, with the focus being placed on leads. 

Your team of marketers will place a keen interest in developing relationships with your audience. Providing value and encouraging engagement is of the utmost importance, which is then followed by reporting on their results. Analysis and insights are a final yet paramount task for marketers to illustrate what they have been able to achieve with acute accuracy, as that is one of digital marketing’s most valued benefits.

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