With the overly competitive market within the property sector and the restrictions on UK travel, our team implemented distinct messaging and noteworthy creative assets that complimented the campaign from the initial careful mapping of the customer journey.

Regular communication with the client ensured real-time feedback that allowed us to cross-check the data visible on the various platforms utilized. Consistent optimization was done throughout this campaign, including the expansion of the target audience, amended creatives and upgrading of the site to suit an enhanced customer journey.

Additionally, new campaigns were launched for the individual residential areas, with a retargeting campaign creating a sense of urgency among conflicted prospects.

Nexa used a total ads spend of USD 26,850, with the total confirmed revenue generated being in excess of USD 500k. This alone produced an ROI of 1,762%. Based on classification by Savills, a total of 22 SQLs and 377 MQLs remain active and in conversation.


  • Generate leads and sales prospects based in the Middle East for ongoing UK-based developments.
  • The ultimate goal was to provide the client with a measurable return on investment that bettered their bottom line and helped them flourish in a time that was unpredictable and worrisome.


  • Covid-19 took an enormous toll on the real-estate industry due to travel restrictions. When it comes to purchasing property, in-person visits have always been mandatory and we were tasked with figuring out ways to entice the target audience to take immediate action.
  • The developments we were tasked to work on were Bankside Gardens and Green Park Village. Before Nexa took on the campaigns, Green Park Village was selling relatively well based on its location and design while Bankside Gardens was struggling in the current economic crisis that came with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we had proven ourselves previously to the client, we were trusted to improve sales on both developments with most of our focus being on improving sales for Bankside Gardens.
  • Overly competitive and over-saturated market as prospects had a plethora of options to explore when purchasing real-estate in the UK.


  • Building landing pages based on customer journey.
  • Creating ad assets, highlighting key points of each project.
  • Building audiences based on target markets.
  • Creating marketing emails to help nurture from marketing qualified leads (MQL) to sales qualified leads (SQL).


conversion from sales qualified lead to opportunities


conversion rate from targeted keywords on Google ad campaigns


Sales of multiple units across a number of different projects / developments with a value of £1.8 Million

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