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With the overly competitive market within the property sector and the restrictions on UK travel, our team implemented distinct messaging and noteworthy creative assets that complimented the campaign from the initial careful mapping of the custoNolte Küchen is a leading manufacturer of fully fitted German-quality kitchens. Nolte Middle East has been a client of Nexa for some time now, with the original engagement based in Dubai helping Nolte support partners in marketing the Nolte brand. On the back of this work, we were referred to the Al Masro Family Group, who own exclusive distribution rights of Nolte in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And so Nolte KSA was born and a contract was signed in February 2020 for a Nolte digital marketing strategy for the KSA region. mer journey.

The contract was signed one week prior to the disastrous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns and restrictions. This meant that showrooms had to shut down and they were unable to sell kitchens in person - a major setback for a brand that relies heavily on in-person conversions. After reassurance from Nexa and a refreshed strategy focused on how to sell kitchens that customers can’t physically see, The Al Masro Group agreed to forge ahead with an integrated digital marketing campaign with social and Hubspot integrations, achieving remarkable results.


  • Generate marketing qualified leads and sales prospects based in the KSA for German luxury kitchen brand, Nolte Küchen.


  • Inadequate digital presence in KSA adding to decline in showroom footfall.
  • The impact of COVID-19 contributed to a decline in lead generation and sales.


  • Implementing a full content strategy and digital roadmap, focused on long term objectives as well as countering the challenges caused by the pandemic.
  • Launching branded social media channels in key regions with a focus on showroom visitors' needs.
  • Launching full digitally-driven lead generation campaigns across the region.
  • Onboarding Nolte Middle East onto the Hubspot marketing and CRM platform.
  • Increasing brand awareness to convert sales opportunities into closed deals.
  • Integrating lead generation techniques with sales tools and technology such as WhatsApp to empower sales agents to engage with prospects more efficiently.


marketing qualified leads generated


sales opportunities identified from the marketing qualified leads

SAR 10.65 million

revenue from salesopportunities

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