JLL: No 1 Palace Street

Renowned property broker, JLL approached Nexa for assistance in generating high-quality leads and sales prospects situated in the Middle East who were looking to invest in luxury UK property. The main aim of this campaign was to target high-net-worth investors who could afford the premium price point, as well as establish a highly qualified database of potential investors in the Middle East for current and future projects. Nexa went about developing a digital marketing strategy for the property, No. 1 Palace Street, which included a landing page, nurturing emails and ad sets. There was specific focus on messaging and target audience as we were looking to attract the upper echelon in the region. The Nexa team supported marketing communications for the new developments advertised, as well as ensured the utmost support during sales qualifications and marketing, and sales handover. As a result, JLL was delivered only the most qualified leads who were hot and ready purchase - all that the sales agents needed to do was close the deal.


  • Generate marketing qualified leads based in the Middle East looking to invest in premium price point and luxury UK property.


  • At the time of the campaign No1 Palace Street was a premium high-end off-plan development, which limited the addressable market/target audience extremely HNWI.
  • The restriction of travel during COVID-19 meant that potential buyers could not visit the property itself and relied on virtual viewings.


  • Identifying the most qualified prospects via automated content and lead scoring which ensured the sales team focused on the most qualified leads.
  • Sourcing data and used LinkedIn as a targeting platform to ensure that we targeted the HNWI required for the development.
  • Creating assets and a landing page that spoke to the designated audience from a visual and messaging perspective, bearing in mind they would be most likely 'time-poor'.



conversion from marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead


conversion from sales qualified lead to opportunities


email click rate of marketing qualified leads

£18.9 million

revenue from sales opportunities


ROI from sales opportunities

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