Aquila School


The Aquila School is an exciting British international school in Dubai, UAE which offers a well-developed and creative learning programme in a safe and secure school environment. Aquila School signed up with Nexa for HubSpot purposes and we managed a new process rollout for one of their schools, with the plan to work closely with their internal hubspot guru to replicate this process for all their other schools. Because of the success experienced with Nexa, the school signed up for lead generation services with Nexa.

The challenges we faced in the campaign included a competitive market, limited budget, small target audience and geo-location as well as- month-on-month lead growth.

In order to beat these challenges we bidded on high-volume school-related keywords, created new landing pages to cater for specific campaigns and put together a xix of lead gen and conversion ads with more budget allocation to lead gen ads.We also made sure to test multiple audiences and implemented A/B testing of campaigns to ensure success.


  • Student acquisition


  • Competitive market based on their location, curriculum offering and facilities.
  • Limited budget.
  • Relatively small target audience and geo-location (parents in Dubai).
  • Month-on-month lead growth.


  • Bidding on high-volume school-related keywords.
  • Created new landing pages to cater for specific campaigns.
  • Mix of lead gen and conversion ads.
  • More budget allocation to lead gen ads.
  • Test multiple audience types like Lookalike, Engaged with Ads, Web Pixels, etc.
  • A/B testing of campaigns.



reduction in cost per lead from Q1 to Q2


reduction in cost per click by Q2

2 million +



deals/ opportunities created




active deals

AED 2.5 million+

worth in revenue from enrollments

AED 7.9 million+

in potential revenue

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