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There's a reason why businesses continue to spend millions of dollars each year with search engines such as Google and this reason is that these search engines continue to drive qualified traffic to websites that often result in new business.  The best thing about this is that businesses do not need to pay Google unless people actually click though onto their website.

In the modern online world that we live in, if someone needs to find a hotel, restaurant, dentist, plumber, fitness centre, car rental company or any other type of business, the first place they often turn to is Google.  In fact, the term 'Google it' has become so synonymous with every day life, that people often say it without realising the brand connotations that go with it.  The important thing to remember here is that people only use Google or other search engines when they have a need.

Therefore, any searches based on that need by default becomes a qualified lead if that person lands onto your website and connects with you.  At Nexa, we specialise in the following:

  • Identifying relavant search terms for your business
  • Creating adverts (both text and banners) that drive click throughs to your website
  • Tracking and improving the effectiveness of your adverts
  • Measuring performance and conversion rates together with ROI
  • Reporting

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