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Bosch Middle East: Social Media Management & Advertising


Founded in 1886, Bosch now operates in over 60 countries worldwide and is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Bosch is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) company and use their expertise in a variety of industries and advance technology to attempt to reach the objective of creating solutions for a connected life.


  • Management and community management for the regional social media platforms for Bosch at a corporate and division level
  • Adapt and create content from central teams that is relevant to the region across social media platforms
  • Increase engagement and follower growth across core social media platforms


  • Brand new and recently activated platforms with a lack of previous following, posting and engagement 
  • Maintaining a strong corporate identity and aligning effectively with other regions, while adapting content to be relevant to the Middle East


  • Content pillar and style development in order to create strong identity on social media platforms
  • Global level reporting to agree on and understand best practices that can be applied to the Middle East
  • Activations and campaigns that spoke to Bosch being at the forefront when it comes to the IoT
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