Skoda: Lead Generation for Car Sales

When Skoda and other members of the VW Group need to sell cars in the UAE, they turn to Nexa.  With the current economic situation impacting new car sales, Skoda had surplus inventory of the Kodiaq range.  Nexa launched a series of campaigns to raise awareness of the car, its features enticing those interested in the car to book a test drive and therefore creating sales opportunities.


  • Sales Qualified lead generation targeting those ready to take a test drive and purchase the Skoda Kodiaq vehicle.
  • Leads needed to be "sales-ready" due to surplus inventory


  • Legacy brand issues
  • Very few Skoda vehicles are on the road and visible in the UAE
  • Market downturn has reduced the demand for new cars 


  • Creation of high quality branded creatives for use within the campaigns
  • Setup and launch of marketing campaigns using Search & Social Media
  • Targeting of specific audience demographics based on Skoda research & data
  • Campaign assets portraying vehicle technology to build brand credibility


Month Campaign


Landing Page Views


Sales Qualified Leads


Cost per Qualified Lead