Invisalign: Lead Generation for Business Growth

Invisalign is a modern solution to straightening your teeth without wires. As global market leaders, Invisalign has high-growth aspirations for the GCC and Eastern Europe regions, which requires a combination of brand awareness targeting end consumers as well as identifying and targeting dentists for their certification program, who can then provide and deliver Invisalign services.  Our brief at Nexa, was to provide both.


  • Tap into B2B market & raise brand awareness with industry stakeholders
  • Lead generation of healthcare provider partners (Orthodontists, Dentists) for paid certification courses
  • Lead generation for event participation and attendance
  • Across GCC region
  • Product : Dental alignment technology and products



Ultra-Qualified Leads


Certification Fee per Dentist


New Dentists Certified


Potential revenue based on just 2 new treatments per year by a newly approved dentist

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