UK-based developer, Berkeley Group approached Nexa for assistance in generating ultra-high-quality leads and sales prospects in the Middle East. Usually, Berkeley would have third-party broker to sell on their behalf, but they have found that the companies they usually worked with were refusing to take on certain developments in the less desirable parts of the UK. As a result, the developer took matters into their own hands and hired us to help develop a solution. Seeing as their team were not sales agents or marketers, Nexa set up a system that nurtured leads to a point where they were considered hot and ensured the delivery of investors who were ready to purchase a unit. All the Berkeley team would need to do is close the deal. Our plan proved to be successful with the first development, and we were hired by Berkeley to carry out work on other projects. Ultimately, Berkeley is now on its way to offering an end-to-end service with a fully-trained team and without any need for a third-party broker.


  • Generate leads and sales prospects based in the Middle East for ongoing UK developments.


  • Overly competitive market with a variety of options available to prospects.
  • The restriction of travel during Covid-19 impacted the ability of prospects being able to physically visit the developments in the UK.


  • Automating content delivery to aid the identification of the most qualified prospects to streamline sales efforts and attention.
  • Testing creative options and platforms from a campaign perspective to ensure that campaigns had the best chance of success from a lead conversion perspective.
  • Optimising landing pages and journeys to ensure the high site visit conversion rate.


conversion from marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead


conversion from sales qualified lead to opportunities


in revenue


return on initial investment

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