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When first reaching out to Nexa, Contractors.Direct was a fairly new company that needed to create awareness throughout the UAE. The business was looking to operate with a digital-first mindset and thus approached us, a digital marketing agency, to help them achieve this. They had a new website but it was generating little traffic to it, so Nexa set about increasing the organic traffic to the site across the UAE, with a specific focus on improving keyword rankings to compete with more established websites, as well as other similar third-party ones.

Contractors.Direct also needed to expand their current business opportunities with existing relationships and partnerships. We facilitated this for them by introducing a CRM system via HubSpot that could help them better meet the growth goals they were setting. Put simply, Contractors.Direct wanted to establish themselves and gain awareness as a unique and leading solution within the UAE to a problem within their industry, and with Nexa's strategy, they were able to achieve it.


  • Increase organic traffic to the new website across the UAE, with a focus on increased keyword rankings to compete with more established websites and other 3rd party websites.


  • Very little previous SEO activity had been conducted on their newly launched website.
  • Highly competitive and diverse industry competing on limited highly searched terms and SEM competition.


  • Creating a solid content and blog strategy to target high-value keywords.
  • Optimising existing and newly created content as part of a Search Engine Ownership strategy.
  • Backlinking and off-page activity to accelerate article distribution and increase domain and page authority.
  • Improving SEO impact and identifying opportunities through monthly analytics, competitor analysis, and reporting.
  • Facilitating organic traffic growth through technical performance and website updates.



increase in organic traffic year on year over the first 12 months


increase in overall traffic over the first 12 months


keywords ranking in the top 10 on SERPs in the first 12 months


increase in domain authority over the first 12 months


increase in blog article SERPs impressions over five months


increase in average session duration over the first 12 months

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