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There's a common misconception in the digital marketing world, whereby many commentators suggest that 'email marketing is dead'.  While, we believe that email marketing has most certainly changed over the years (and for the better), we strongly believe that email marketing is far from being dead.

Think about it... when you receive a new friend request on Facebook or a new follower on Twitter aside from mobile app notifications, these powerful platforms send email alerts.  If you then imagine how much time you spend online each day there's a good chance that most of your day is spent checking and working on emails with social media a close second.  There's no doubt that email marketing and its role has changed, and therefore when it comes to using this channel to market your business, the right execution is absolutely key to have any chance of success.

Things you need to know about Email Marketing:

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Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing.  However, as technology has become more powerful, the role of email marketing has evolved.  If you are considering the use of email marketing for your business, you should consider the following:

  • Email Campaign open rates are getting lower and lower with typical marketing campaign open rates at approximately 20%.  (That's only 1 in 5 people are likely to open a mass email)
  • From those that open your email only 15% are likely to click on a call to action.  (That equates to only 3 people out of every hundred that you send an email to clicking on a link in your email)
  • Emails used as part of a wider campaign are much more effective.  For example to deliver an ebook or whitepaper.
  • Nurturing emails are also more popular and receive higher click-throughs, especially when informative content is being shared.
  • Email List Marketing offers unique opportunities to further leverage your contacts database by integrating these into social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (coming soon).

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