All-Inclusive Website, CRM & Email Marketing Solution in Dubai with HubSpot

Website, CRM & Email Marketing

Unlock the potential of your website and watch your business grow

What if your new website, wasn't "just" a website?

What if it was also an Email Marketing, Customer and Sales CRM (database), Social Media and Marketing Machine and delivered to you in less than a month?

The Next Generation of websites is now here and your new website can now be delivered with all of the marketing tools your business will ever need.  This will provide you with an opportunity to grow your business by leveraging the very latest technology.

What you receive with your new website:

  • Sales CRM System to track all business leads
  • Ability to manage all pages on your website like never before!
  • Add / Edit all of the forms on your website to help drive new sales leads
  • A+ rated Email Marketing System with incredible tracking abilities
  • Social Media Publishing and Tracking - Track revenue through Social Media!
  • Add unlimited pages to your website as and when your business needs it
  • Got a Special Offer or Promotion? Create Landing Pages instantly!

The Solution

For over a decade HubSpot has provided an all-in-one online marketing system that helps businesses drive website traffic and business enquiries via a CRM platform, Website Forms, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and Blogs as well as automated marketing based on the actions of potential customers.  

By adding website development into the equation, businesses today have the opportunity to have a all-inclusive digital marketing system that provides incredible results.

In additon, the HubSpot website system offers streamlined website development that can drastically reduce development time by up to 80%!

Who Uses HubSpot?

This type of technology was previously reserved for only the largest companies.  But as technology has evolved, small and medium sized businesses today have the same opportunities to grow their businesses using advanced technology.  Here are some of the businesses currently using this platform:

The benefits of saving time during the website development process:

  • Lower development costs means you save money
  • Early website launch means you can start earning money from your site sooner
  • Less risk compared to a longer development process
  • In addition, the HubSpot website option provides huge flexibility and scalabilty for businesses.

Will an all-inclusive marketing solution work for your business?

The HubSpot Website and Marketing System may not be the best strategic fit for each and every business.  Therefore, ask if the following is what your business really needs:

  • Does / Will your business need a CRM Tool to help you manage your customers, your potential customers and deals in progress?
  • Does / Will your business require email marketing to communicate to your database?
  • Do you have products or services that will require marketing online or on social media?
  • Will you be running Google Adwords / Advertising for your business?
  • Will it make a difference to your business if you ranked on Page 1 of Google?
  • Is there a possibility that your business model or requirements will change over the next 18 months?

If you answered "YES" to 3 or more of the questions above, you should complete the form and ask one of our team for a demonstration of the HubSpot platform. 

Why Nexa?

Established since 2005, Nexa provides high quality Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Content Marketing and new business Lead Generation for companies all over the world.

With over 10 years of international digital marketing experience, our team currently support a wide range of high-profile businesses in the UK, USA and the Middle East.  Our head office and our development office is in Dubai, with local representation in Manchester. We have a team of over 50 online marketing specialists ranging from designers, programmers, social media strategists and content creators.  

Our entire management team are originally from the UK and so our understanding of the UK market coupled with the international experience and global best practices means that our offering is difficult to match.

Who we work with:

In addition to high-profile clients in the UK and Middle East  mentioned above, we also work with over 500 small to medium sized businesses, many of whom have been working with us for a number of years.

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