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Email Marketing, Database Marketing and Email Transmission Services

Loking for email marketing company?

Are you unsure of how to send bulk emails?

Do you have a (opt-in) customer database and need to communicate effectively with those contained in that database?

Do you currently send emails using Outlook or similar email software and are not sure how many emails are actually being delivered or received?

If any of the above questions apply to your hotel, let NEXA help.

As an email marketing compoany in Dubai, we can transmit bulk email campaigns for you using our in-house developed NexaMailer; we can also help you to design and create emails that will get your business noticed using our extensive experience and knowledge of email marketing.

Email Marketing Service Breakdown

  • Database Building / Segmentation Services
  • Creation of branded email templates
  • Transmission Services
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Opportunity Analysis and Strategy Development

Email Marketing System Information

Nexa uses industry renowned email broadcasting technology (nexa Mail) to transmit personalized email marketing newsletters.

Collaboration with DYN email gateway ensures that all emails transmitted are via the worlds most respected email gateway used by the following businesses; Twitter,, Quora, Mashable, CNBC and many more market leaders and brands.

The following information is obtained from each email sent:

  • Delivered, Opened, Bounced, Skim Read, Full Read
  • Individual Links Opened Tracking

The information can then be exported or used to create new databases based on click tracking activity. Social media integration will form part of the template design process

Email Marketing Reporting

Once an email marketing campaign has been transmitted, NEXA will also provide you with full reports containing the following information:

  • Percentage of emails opened
  • Exact names/email addresses of those who opened your email
  • Full tracking of all the links on your email (so that you can see which links were popular)
  • Individual user tracking of all links to let you see what each user is specifically interested in
  • List of unsubscribers or new subscribers

Databases and Information

Nexa Mail stores relevant customer information that can be used to create email marketing campaigns that can reach specific segments of your database:

  • First & Last Names
  • Email Address and Mobile Numbers (for SMS Options)
  • Location details (City and Country) and Nationality
  • Muslim/Non-Muslim & Alcohol Consumer/Non-Consumer
  • Interests: (Can be customized for each hotel)

NEXA can also help you ‘clean up’ your email databases whether they are obtained through different departments or sectors of your business, and verify how many email addresses are still "live". It is important that you limit the number of "dead" email addresses as much as possible, in order to avoid being classed as "spamming".

Our team can guide you throughout the process and ensure that your hotel's email marketing activity is professional, tracked and abiding to legal requirements while allowing you to measure return on investment.

Nexa Mail accepts CSV and XLS files (i.e. Microsoft Excel).

Templated CSV and XLS files will be provided to you so that the data can be added correctly into Nexa Mail

Set Up Processes

For each new client, the following processes will be implemented:

  • New Domain Registration
  • IP White-listing
  • Database Verification
  • Template Creation
  • Training and Support

Your primary (website) domain will be protected so that any reports of spamming, whether malicious or genuine, will NOT result in the closure or suspension of your website.

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