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The term 'content is king' is frequently used in the digital marketing world. Understanding the importance of high-quality content for your website cannot be underestimated. 

Content is every customer-facing piece of information that lives on your website, including all of the text, images and videos. Content marketing is multifaceted, with several different roles required. Content creators often specialize in terms of their medium, whether that be visual storytellers or wordsmiths.

To create content that reaps in all of the benefits of this media, you will need strategists, producers, editors and designers. These diverse skills are high skilled roles. Beyond the capabilities needed, there is often a level of research required to understand your brand and its audience fully. 

When working with an agency like Nexa, you can rely on our in-house team of experts, so you get all of the necessary content without having to worry about managing these various roleplayers.

Why do I need Content for my Website?

Content marketing is the cornerstone of your brand's communication with its audiences. It, therefore, has the power to create interest, desire and action. It applies to all touchpoints with your customers, from emails to websites and social media. 

The level of diversity in terms of getting your message across can prove to be highly beneficial and form part of an integrated marketing mix. 

Content can be created for web pages, eBooks, webinars, videos, podcasts, infographics, case studies, animations, slides, listicles, quizzes and digital magazines. 

Content is a long term investment for businesses, as it not only satisfies customer needs of the now but appeals to search engines over time. Content can, therefore, be created to suit paid advertising, or growing your organic reach among your audience. 

The key is cracking the code of the what, where, when, who, why and how of all things content. Working with us at Nexa will provide you with just that and so much more.

Benefits of high-quality content for your website:

  • It positions your business to stand out from competitors as industry leaders
  • It reinforces trust and confidence in your brand
  • It can draw people to your website by ranking highly with search engines
  • It explains and simplifies your products and services for purposes of decision making for your potential customers

Working with an agency can help you to:

  • Improve the quality, structure and optimization of your content 
  • Improve your content scope and distribution
  • Improve your audience understanding, brand communication and perception
  • Improve your business's marketing through storytelling 
  • Ensure the customer experience needs are met with valuable content consumption
  • Increase the output of content to improve traffic to your website 
  • Generate and nurture leads with content magnets

Nexa has an in-house team of content creators including copywriters, photographers, videographers and filmmakers who work together to bring your website and business to life.

Website Content Creation: Products and Services

  • Textual content creation for all of your web pages
  • Content for all of your marketing materials for all of your digital channels 
  • Corporate photography: Office shots, executive profile pictures and in-office action shots
  • Corporate films that tell your business's story and highlight your successes, products, services and team
  • Product and service videos that focus on specific areas of your business
  • Animated or explainer videos that provide a fun and engaging way to get your business' message across
  • Social media content designed for these platforms
  • Stock photography: If you would prefer to use high quality purchased imagery for your website, we have an extensive portfolio of over 1 million images to choose from
  • Copywriting for digital PR, whereby we can create and circulate articles about your business on other high ranking websites

Whatever your content requirements, speak to us today.


Business Survival in 2022

Most of what we understood about business pre-2020 is irrelevant and over the last 2 years, we have had to reimagine business processes in the new normal by capitalizing on digital technology. We learned to act fast, be nimble in our approaches and flow with the consistent movement and disruption across all industries.

This change will be a part of our lives for many years to come and as we adjust to the new normal, we are now in a position to use what we have learned to craft a powerful future for our businesses.
2022 is about mastering these changes and leveraging off digital technologies and marketing technologies in order to achieve consistent business growth.

In this eBook, we’ll take you through digital growth tools and techniques that you can use to ensure business growth and continued success in 2022 and beyond.

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