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Meet Ravi

Hi! I'm Ravi and I'm the Co-Founder and Director at Nexa. Originally from the UK, I moved to the UAE in 2005. A large part of my time is spent with our Social Media, Performance, Design and Video Production divisions working alongside our teams to ensure a client's digital strategies are implemented to the fullest.

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Meet our Digital Consultants

At Nexa, we don't believe that the traditional Account Director & Account Manager model works for businesses today.  This account structure is highly outdated and business today is much more fluid and dynamic than it's ever been.

Our model is based on providing your company with a Digital Consultant who's role will be to understand your business, your revenue models and your goals and objectives so that they can present the best digital solutions to you.  Our digital solutions are not just limited to marketing.  We can also help with sales strategies, CRM support and customer service measurement so that these combine to provide you with measurable growth.


Team Nexa

A full in-house team of digital specialists ready to provide you with best in class marketing, sales and CRM services.



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