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The Digital Growth Show is a live show that broadcasts every Tuesday at 12pm (UK) / 3pm (UAE).  Here are some of our previous episodes:


Back to school series - Episode 2

Let's take a deep dive into Whatsapp for businesses and how it can be integrated into your website to generate leads and create conversions. From catalog display, customer segmentation, stats and analytics, and the possibility for a Hubspot integration let's examine what the app offers and how can it benefit your business efforts!

Previous Episodes

Back To School Series - Episode 1

Websites have gotten a pretty bad rep over the last few years.  From the design and development process, through to tracking performance, generating leads, hosting, and IT involvement in what essentially, is the responsibility of marketing. 

How do websites get built faster?  How can we reduce IT involvement and more importantly, how can we put the power back in the hands of marketing teams?

Success In The Summer- Episode 7 

Live Case studies: Digital Strategies that encompass CRM management, lead generation, and scoring, and measuring customer satisfaction. During this series, we have discussed the importance of CRM management, and those case studies will help you in understanding how to  implement this knowledge. 


Success In The Summer- Episode 6

Tracking Customer Happiness and Driving Referrals:  Happy customers help grow your business. For most businesses, customer satisfaction is a top priority.  With the right tools, you can effectively track how happy your customers are with your products or services. Happy customers are more loyal to your business and share their experiences with others, making recommendations that can ultimately lead to more success for your business.  

Success in the Summer- Episode 5

Fast-tracking Sales Success & Business Growth is all about growing your business without using harmful hacking tactics. Instead, we focus on strategies that will increase sales for long-term business growth. With the end goal of financial success, sales are a vital part of growing a business, especially when you’re pressed for time. By incorporating sales strategies with your growth strategy, you can improve the way your business operates both internally and externally.


Success in the Summer- Episode 4

Marketing automation makes it easy to connect with your audience about the right thing at the right time. It also speeds up the internal processes of your business’s communications and makes personalized marketing possible. This ultimately helps your business reach marketing success.

Success in the Summer- Episode 3

Traditionally, CRMs were seen as a sales tracking and prospect communication platform.  In other words, a tool that sales teams needed in order to operate efficiently and of course, effectively. But today, the role of a company's CRM goes way beyond the sales team and in this week's show, we'll highlight how marketing and operations teams need to use their company's CRM for intelligent business growth.

Success in the Summer- Episode 2

In our second episode, Lead Generation, Lead Scoring & Qualification, we will be discussing inbound lead generation, outbound lead generation and the internal processes you need to consider.  From creatives through to how your team can identify the hot SQLs - we'll cover it all!

Success in the Summer- Episode 1

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the various ways to build your digital presence online, touching on key elements including web, content and social media marketing. We’ll let you in on the benefits of each of these, plus delve into the ways to build upon them (think optimization and lead strategies)

The Disruption Season- Episode 5

This week, our focus will be on financial advisors and wealth managers. Why are financial advisors and wealth managers among the least trusted professions in the UAE?  What role do they play today and how can this evolve in line with the changing expectations and wants of customers in the future? How can other industries avoid repeating their mistakes and protect their image among the UAE population?


The Disruption Season- Episode 4

This week, our focus will be on financial advisors and wealth managers.  Why are financial advisors and wealth managers among the least trusted professions?  What role do they play today and how can this evolve in line with the changing expectations and wants of customers in the future? How can other industries avoid repeating their mistakes and protect their image among the UAE population?

The Disruption Season- Episode 3 

After addressing the Recruitment industry and the Banking sectors, this third week of our Disruption Series will focus on REAL ESTATE companies. Why is the Real Estate industry among the least trusted professions? How can they overcome their reputation and earn the public's trust? How can other industries avoid repeating their mistakes and protect their image among the UAE population?

The Disruption Season- Episode 2

This week, we focus our attention on CREDIT CARD COMPANIES!  Why are banking and credit cards companies among the less trustworthy professions in the UAE and what can they do to turn this around?  What lessons can professionals in similar industries do to avoid the same issues?

The Disruption Season- Episode 1

This week, we focus our attention on RECRUITERS!  Why are recruiters deemed less trustworthy than any other profession in the UAE and what can they do to turn this around?  What lessons can professionals in similar industries do to avoid the same issues? What does the future hold for these professions, and how will the smartest within them evolve and take advantage of the customer-first opportunities available and the fruits that will come from this?

Episode 28 - The 'Black Friday' Episode

Mention the words "Black Friday" and images of long queues and shoppers fighting over limited supply of TVs and other electrical items come to mind. But not in 2020. This year is different - we all know why, and while Black Friday sales are not new to eCommerce businesses, this year we're anticipating that this one day event will witness the involvement of B2B companies too! And why not! Every business needs sales and Black Friday presents a once-a-year opportunity for businesses to slash prices and for customers to make great savings. So whether you're a B2B or a B2C, join this week's show and learn how you can plan how to make the most out of this years November 27th event.

Episode 27 - The 'Digital PR' Episode.

We've spoken a lot about the different digital marketing opportunities available to businesses. But what we haven't spoken about is PR and specifically Digital PR. We all know what PR is but what is Digital PR and how can businesses use this highly effective strategy to help their business?

Episode 26 - The '[Content Marketer's Tools of the Trade]' Episode

With declining marketing budgets looking set to continue into 2021, there's going to be an increased focus on marketing effectiveness from a reduced number of channels. Enter Content Marketing. More and more businesses are turning to Content Marketing to keep their businesses top of mind and at the forefront of their industries. From launching informative Webinars and hosting regular Podcasts to creating eBooks and digital magazines, the organic visibility and return on investment from this activity is unmatched. But many companies are resisting the urge of getting in on the action citing a lack of technical resources as one reason not to create content.

Episode 25 - The 'I Need Help NOW!!' Episode

During the last 3 episodes, Amit & Andrew have focused on helping businesses strategise for 2021. From marketing tactics through to sales strategies, people and technology, over 3 hours of content was dedicated to this. But perhaps people aren't looking as far as 2021 yet. The recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases and the impact this has had on businesses once again, means that many businesses are back in survival mode. So this episode is dedicated to the short term, easy to implement marketing, sales and commercial strategies available to virtually every business right now.

Episode 24 - The '2021 People & Technology Strategy' Episode

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, it's time to look forward to 2021. The uncertainties of COVID-19 looking like it will continue to disrupt business operations, companies need to ensure that their teams and technology are optimised for maximum performance. In this episode, Amit & Andrew will talk about how they've managed a team of over 65 professionals located around the globe, since the start of the pandemic, the tools and tactics that have proved invaluable throughout this period and what they are implementing now as we head into 2021.

Episode 23 - The '2021 Sales Strategy' Episode

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, it's time to look forward to 2021. For most businesses, this invariably means that it's time to submit sales forecasts! But with the uncertainties caused by the pandemic still likely to impact business in 2021, how can businesses accurately predict sales volumes and sales revenues in 2021? If sales cycles have been extended during 2019, how can businesses regain control of the lead time between lead generation and signed agreements?

Episode 22 - The '2021 Marketing Strategy' Episode

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, it's time to look forward to 2021. For most businesses, this invariably means that it's time to submit marketing budgets! But in the new normal, where should companies be spending their marketing budgets? How has marketing changed since COVID-19 started to impact both lives and businesses?

Episode 21 - The 'Inbound - Annual HubSpot Conference' Episode

Last week was 'Inbound' - HubSpot's Annual Conference and one of the best weeks for digital marketing and sales professionals on our calendars.  But rather than over 25,000 of us enjoying the week-long event in Boston, Massachusetts, the pandemic forced the event to be virtually hosted. How was the event?  Was the virtual experience as good as the real thing? What's the latest news, data and tactics regarding digital marketing that all of us need to know? Find out in the week's show.

Episode 20 - The 'Industry Disruptor' Episode

Recessions, Pandemics or Downturns - call it what you like.  The reality is that each of these can create a damaging impact on businesses and in some cases negatively impact entire industries.  But with challenges, comes opportunity and Amit & Andrew were delighted to welcome David Cook, CEO of Contractors.Direct to the Digital Growth Show.

Episode 19 - The 'What data is the right data?' Episode.

Data should be driver of most important decisions made by a company.  But in the digital marketing world, where we are flooded by data, how do we which data is the right data to trust and make meaningful assessments for a business?  In this episode, Amit & Andrew analyse the type of data that marketers, sales professionals and business leaders should be focusing on for the betterment of their companies.

Episode 18 - The 'Ultimate Lead Gen' Episode.

Sales isn't for everyone. But with digital technology, search engines and social media, new lead generation channels have presented opportunities that theoretically, are designed to make selling easier. But have we gone too far? We believe this to be the case and that's why we've invited James Gosling, founder and CEO of Pipeline to the Digital Growth Show. Pipeline provide lead generation and sales focused consultancy through clever strategy and telemarketing. James will be sharing his thoughts and insights.

Episode 17 - The 'Search Engine Ownership' Episode

A very different kind of show for this episode as Amit & Andrew took on the SEO industry!  Like many, we've been frustrated with how SEO has been portrayed by agencies as some form of mystical artform, that is applied to make a website rank at the top of search results pages. It's time to set the record straight and to redefine SEO in a new era of digital marketing. At Nexa, our team refer to SEO as being Search Engine Ownership and in this episode, we'll explain why.  

Episode 16 - The 'No More Discounts' Episode

There are some who believe that the key to winning more clients is to reduce their prices or fees for the products and services that they sell. During times of struggle, this is a natural way of thinking. But how healthy is that for a business? There are many other options available and it's absolutely vital that businesses understand and explore these before engaging in discounting discussions with prospects and clients.

A familiar face and voice to many Dubai residents, James' professional activities currently include producing and presenting a variety of shows on the PODAHOLIKS podcasting network, based out of Dubai.  For 12 years James produced and presented Nightline, a popular interactive English language radio talk show discussing issues of the day, on DubaiEye 103.8 FM.

Digital Growth Show - Episode 14: The 'Business Survival' episode. We recently published our latest E-Book - Business Survival in 2020: Fighting the Global Impact of COVID-19 and within this book we discuss the challenges that businesses are facing and how these can be overcome.

Digital Growth Show - Episode 13: The 'Starting a Business during a Pandemic' episode, where Amit & Andrew welcomed special guest Glenn Power to the show. Having quit his job at the beginning of 2020 to start his own business, COVID-19 presented unique challenges and delays that could never have been predicted. Learn how Glenn overcame these and how his business is doing.

Digital Growth Show - Episode 12: The 'Winning at LinkedIn' episode, where Amit & Andrew discussed strategies and tactics that have helped businesses and professional to increase their professional brand equity.

Digital Growth Show - Episode 11: The 'Future of Real Estate' episode, where Amit & Andrew welcomed special guest Helen Tatham, Associate Director at Savills to talk Real Estate. A fun episode!

Digital Growth Show - Episode 10: The 'You Ask, We Answer' Show where Amit & Andrew focused on answering the questions that matter to you and your business

Digital Growth Show - Episode 9: Content - Strategy, Ideation, Distribution, Measurement and ROI - Content as a winning strategy

Digital Growth Show - Episode 8: HubSpot's Service Hub - Customer Service Measurement & Client Retention Tactics

Digital Growth Show - Episode 7: HubSpot's Marketing Hub - Core Features and Overview

Digital Growth Show - Episode 6: HubSpot's Sales & CRM Platform - Core Features and Overview

Digital Growth Show - Episode 5: E-Commerce and the Future of Retail

Digital Growth Show - Episode 4: The Return of Hotels & Tourism post-COVID-19

Digital Growth Show - Episode 3: The Future of Sales

Digital Growth Show - Episode 2: Marketing Tips When Times Are Tough

Episode 1: Business Survival During Crisis & Catastrophe

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Amit co-founded Nexa, a growth focused agency, in 2005 and has been the strategic driving force for the business during this time.

With almost 2 decades of experience within Digital Marketing, Amit has seen first hand, the dynamic environment with which businesses now have to operate in order to achieve growth and to succeed. With Nexa being the only Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner in the GCC, Amit and the Nexa team, have worked with a multitude of businesses within a diverse range of industries providing and implementing highly successful sales and marketing strategies.

Amit's a keen golfer, avid football fan and passionate entrepreneur.


Andrew Thomas has 19 years experience in the GCC, the last 14 spent in the UAE, he has an in depth knowledge and practical experience of the digital media landscape.

Andrew's commercial experience coupled with a highly consultative approach, means that he is the goto reference for creating and delivering marketing and sales strategies in the region. Andrew works closely with enterprise level clients across the GCC aligning their growth strategies with lead generation, inbound marketing and sales performance optimisation.


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