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Nexa is an app development agency that specialises in designing, developing and delivering B2B or internal-use and B2C customer centric apps. We never compromise on user experience and ensure that once your new app is delivered, our team is on-hand and if required, we will help you market your app so that you can reach your desired target audience and drive downloads and usage.

We take pride in detailed planning and provide full transparency throughout the entire mobile app design and development process.

Privacy Policy

Your Data: Key Summary

  • Nexa acts as the data controller. That means we’re responsible for all of the information you share with us when enquiring on our site.
  • We never sell your data onto third parties, and only collect as much as we need to improve your experience, communicate with you or assit in your enquiry.
  • We make every effort to protect your information, and won’t store it for longer than we need to.
  • You are in control of any marketing messages we send you. You will always be able to opt out, and we will periodically check that you still want to hear from us. These marketing messages are treated separately to other emails we have to send you, such as marketing material, proposals, quotations, contracts or customer service messages, events.


How we use your data

  • We may collect and process the following data about you:
  • User name and password – If we collect a user name and password, this is so we can keep your information secure and so that we can have your information to hand each time you visit us.
  • Name, address and postcode – Without this we won’t know where to send a response to your enquiry or quotation or contradct etc If you have location services enabled on your smart device we may also use this to find your office location or where the enquiry came from.
  • Email address – We send responses to questions, enquiries, contracts via email and will send you informational messages as well as offers which may interest you.
  • Telephone numbers – If there are any problems with speaking to you via email, or we need to check anything, we need to be able to contact you quickly.
  • Information that you provide by registering on our website (
  • If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence.
  • We may also ask you to complete surveys that we use for research purposes, although you do not have to respond to them.
  • Details of your visits to our site and the resources that you access.
  • Your personal details, including name, email address and contact addresses and numbers


We use these to get in touch with you vie email or phone to reply to your query, respond back to a form submission you have done on the site, for fraud prevention and detection, to personalise your web experience, and for customer services purposes. After an enquiry with us, we may also perform market research in the form of a feedback questionnaire, via the HubSpot platform.

With your permission, we may also use this information to keep you up to date about our new products and services, or in other marketing messages. If you wish to stop receiving marketing messages, you can either unsubscribe using the link in every marketing email we send, or contact our customer our support team.

Your payment details

We keep a record of the billing address you supply to us as part of our fraud prevention work and for future customer service enquiries, such as ensuring invoices are sent to the correct person / department. If you have paid through a third party payment provider like PayPal, we will keep a record of your email address and the payment reference. Other payment mechanisms include direct transfer to our Bank or by cheque, each of which is recorded in our account by the banking authority, For payments with a credit or debit card, we only store the last four digits of your card for fraud and customer service reasons. Because we use a third party provider e.g.  GooglePay (for online advertising) to process our payments, our system never actually even has access to your other card details. This is in line with PCI regulations and means your credit card security is preserved at all times.

Your contact history

If you contact our customer services team or our business development team by email or by phone, they may keep a record of this. This is useful for us to personalise the experience with you (so you don’t have to tell us the same things time and time again), to improve your experience, and to carry out staff training so that you can get the best possible service. We may also anonymise and aggregate information and use it to see patterns in our services so that we can improve.

Your purchase history

This is important for us to provide good customer support and look after you in the event of any customer service enquiries. We may also use this to personalise your web experience and the emails we send you, and may also anonymise and aggregate the data to find out what products and services you and people like you might like. This helps us to improve our site and deliver a better experience for you.

Information about your device and how you use our site

We may collect information about the devices you visit our website on, such as your mobile or browser. This not only helps us to improve our website for you, but also means we can get better at giving you a good experience by recognising your preferences and personalising the site for you. It may also be used in fraud prevention to recognize. We may also collect information about how you move around our website, what you look at or search for, and how you shop. This may be anonymised to make improvements, or through the use of cookies, pixels, advert tags and other digital marketing technologies, may be used to create banners and ads relevant to you. These may be used on our own website or across the wider internet.


Nexa retain all customer information for 6 years after they last interacted with us. Where there has been a period of 6 years and there has been no interaction between the organisation and the Client, their information is erased and securely disposed of.

Your data; your rights

As a responsible marketer, we want to keep you informed about how we use your information. You have a right to know this, and you should also be able to ask any marketer to detail it. In line with GDPR guidelines, you have a right to request details about the data we have on you, the right to request we correct any inaccurate personal information, the right to no longer receive direct marketing messages and the right to have some or all of your data forgotten or deleted.

You have the right to make a Subject Access Request to Nexa’s Data Protection Officer in the event that you wish to determine what information we hold on you. We welcome these requests and aim to respond within 72 working hours of receipt. Our site may, from time to time, contain links to and from the websites of our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

If you have any questions about these rights, please our support team

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile App development refers to the process of developing software applications that are run through a mobile device. A mobile app usually uses a network connection to run with remote computing resources therefore, this process requires the creation and development of installable software, backend service and testing. 

About Mobile App Development

One of the most used forms of  app coding is the development of apps that run on mobile devices. As it is, there are two primary categories of mobile devices that are used in the creation of app development. Those being: iOS and Android. 

The above are the two most popular categories for mobile apps, and there are also two general categories for mobile app development and these are Native Development and Cross-Platform Development. 

Native Development

Native development refers to developing a mobile app for a specific mobile system using specialised tools. For example, when it comes to developing apps for iOS, you have to code using XCode or Objective-C code - an integrated development environment exclusive to macOS. 

When it comes to apps for Android, they are developed using the Android SDK which is the software developer kit. This runs on a variety of devices including Windows, Linux and MacOS. 

Cross-Platform Development

This kind of mobile app development uses a framework that builds an app and then creates versions of the same app for both iOS and Android. 

The Benefits of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are more then mere marketing tools, they have the ability to help businesses grow and gain long-term profitability. This is because they provide businesses with a competitive edge while increasing customer loyalty. 

With the number of people accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets, mobile apps, specifically for e-commerce and sales based websites have the ability to access a large number of potential customers. Essentially, a mobile application gives you the opportunity to have millions of potential customers at the touch of a button. 

Some of the benefits of creating a mobile app for your business include:

  • A well designed and well strategies app has the ability to convert visitors into customers which in turn, increases sales.
  • By providing customers with a helpful app, you will increase customer loyalty and build brand trust.
  • By creating a mobile app exclusive to your business, you create better user interaction and experience. 
  • Reinforce your brand and what it is your brand stands for.
  • Increase your online visibility.
  • Increase accessibility to your business.
  • Increases your sales by offering a quick and easy place for potential customers to make a purchase or take a specific action. 

There are a variety of reasons you should invest in a mobile app, whether you are an e-commerce site, B2B company or B2C business looking to create a customer centric application. As we continue to evolve and become an even more mobile reliant society, mobile apps are becoming vital for business longevity and have the ability to help your business increase sales and propel your brand forward into a household name. 





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