HR Growth Strategy

The Future of HR is Digital

Digitalization continues to transform various parts of business, including HR. With the right strategy and technology in place, you can vastly improve the way the HR team functions and ensure that you’re hiring the best candidates for your business. 

Today, the world is digital and it is vital you take advantage of automation, digital processes and machine learning in all areas of business. By strategically using these tools across your HR department, you are able to apply employee-centric assessments to establish to meet your organizational needs and achieve your HR and employee goals. Nexa will help you build up processes, empower people and help your business succeed. 

We optimize HR using digital technology to save you two valuable resources: time and money. It also means you’ll be able to reach and appeal to top-tier talent by making your recruitment cycle more effective and efficient. It, therefore, assists your business in growing and thriving as a people-centric organization in the long term.


Attracting the Right Candidates for Your Business

Employer branding refers to an employer’s reputation and their employee value proposition. Developing an employer branding strategy is vital in the digital age, one that is rooted in social media, employee empowerment and online reviews. An employer branding strategy helps you focus on attracting, engaging and retaining top tier talent who have not only the required skill set, but are also a strong cultural fit for your organization. 

With advanced technology, data. machine learning and AI, you are able to target the right candidates for your business. But this strategy does not just end at technology, it needs to encompass the identity of your organization and be integrated at every level of business strategy. 

The Nexa team will help you develop the ideal employer branding strategy to attract and nurture candidates through the initial discovery and application process, to the hiring, onboarding, continuous learning and retention of talent.

Digital tech is transforming the way organizations hire and manage people

HR departments are moving towards a predictive model by building talent pools and communities. With a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place, businesses can network effectively by building and managing relationships with candidates and employees. You may be asking yourself, “what does a CRM have to do with candidates and employees?” 

The answer lies in technology, automation and data collection. 

Putting your candidate first during the entire application journey requires technology, data and automation to ensure the most user-friendly experience. A CRM is usually used to monitor leads for the purpose of conversion but this technology can also be used to monitor how applicants engage with the employer brand and content presented to them. The technology will then apply lead scores according to their level of interaction and engagement, which makes it easier for HR teams to identify candidates that should move on to the next phase of the hiring process. 

Having these kinds of solutions in place improves your employer brand and sets the necessary digital infrastructure for your HR department over the long-term in place. It essentially helps you build a digital-first workforce by attracting talent, filtering the best candidates, and improving employee retention. Through employer branding and technology, you have the power to transform top applicants into candidates, and ultimately committed employees who will help in growing your business.

CRM systems digitalize HR by creating a central and streamlined hub for all of your processes, which benefits businesses by:

  • Managing Data: CRMs can collect, sort, analyze, and store candidate’s data. This includes assessments, communication, documents, and notes so that you can make calculated decisions and bypass the need for administrative tasks. 
  • Nurturing Relationships: CRMs foster relationships through personalized experiences. This allows you to make connections and network effectively, which helps in building long-term vested interest in your business. 
  • Website Management: CRMs have templates that can be customized and optimized for optimal performance. This allows you to create dedicated careers websites or website pages that are geared towards attracting prospects to your business. 
  • Targeting: CRM systems can filter and target prospects, which is particularly helpful when you’re hiring a specific skill set. The benefits are twofold as you’re able to attract the right people and bypass the need to sift through unsuited applications. 
  • Recruiting: CRM automation makes it possible for candidates to follow a predetermined workflow that guides them through the hiring process. This can include sections that cover various aspects, which helps you to filter out candidates in the process. 
  • Tracking: Tracking is vital in the recruitment process. CRMs automate this by tracking the progress of applications and setting benchmarks among candidates. This is helpful to both the business and each of the applicants as it allows for the business to engage and manage qualified candidates effectively.
  • Analytics: Analytics and reporting provided by CRMs cover a wealth of information, assisting you through unbiased screening processes. It can help you to better understand your talent pools and improve HR forecasts relating to candidates, roles within the business, performances, expectations, and benefits.
  • Onboarding: CRMs used for HR are not only used for hiring purposes. They can also be used to onboard new employees more effectively, which further increases employee satisfaction and productivity levels.

What we can do for you

Nexa can help you to revolutionize your HR department with digitization. This includes all of the tools, strategies, systems, and platforms you’ll need to transform the way you hire and manage people. By utilizing the power of automation to streamline processes, you’ll have a tailored solution geared towards optimal performance and ultimately business growth.

Nexa’s Key Services:

  • CRM Solutions (Implementation, Integration, and Migration)
  • Recruitment 
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee Training
  • Employer Branding

Service Measurement & Management

Technology advancement allows companies today, to gauge customer satisfaction at various stages of their relationship with your business. With clear feedback, a company can understand their weaknesses, improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. Here are some tools that we implement for our clients.


I have been working with the Nexa team for 1 year and my experience was great. They are extremely knowledgeable and reliable. They took extra effort in customizing the HubSpot account based on our requirement. Highly appreciate all the great work done and look forward to a successful & long term partnership.

Ajith Siva - Toshiba
Since Nexa has taken over the optimization of the Rove Hotels website, we’ve not only seen an increase in qualified traffic but also an increase in conversions.  The Nexa team also worked closely with our in-house team during the transition to a new website, which can often be a tricky exercise.  Thanks to the team, the transition was incredibly smooth and within a few weeks, we noticed even higher search traffic coming onto the website. Overall we find the team very responsive and senior management actively involved in the process.
Rove Hotels

When we first embarked on this journey with Nexa, we never imagined that this would be the outcome. We’ve achieved much more than we ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. The team at Nexa have gone above and beyond our goals for this project and have helped us revolutionise our business model. We now understand why so many of our brokers have used Nexa’s services!


Nexa has grown to become not just our growth marketing agency of choice, but also our partner in business. From the very start, Nexa has been committed to finding solutions to challenges that we as a business have faced, becoming a team that we have come to trust with our goals for the last 3 years. We look forward to working with the Nexa team going forward.

Savoy Hotels

It's been great working with the Nexa team for the last 1 year. We've been very happy with how agile and adaptable the team is based on our requirements. Amit, Zara, Tamara, Jatin, Gary have all be wonderful in helping us with our digital plan and strategy in implementing social media plans, digital campaigns, Google campaigns and the list goes on. The team at Nexa has always been there in times of high demand and are always available to help whenever required in whatever capacity they've been able to. Well done Team Nexa! Here's to more of these!

Samantha D'Sa - Marketing Manager, The Arbor School

We have been working with Nexa for just over a year and what a journey it has been. From day one, Nexa offered a friendly approach, you become part of their family and they become part of yours, working as one team to achieve the best results. Our account management team has been fantastic throughout all our projects. They were extremely attentive and were able to manage the high demands of our account under tight time constraints. Nexa have produced some great assets for our global social media campaigns and really helped bring our brand to life on social media.

Jemma Karle - Global Social Media Manager, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

We found the Nexa team were immediately able to produce fresh design options for the website concept, whilst ensuring the user journey of the site was spot on. The website launch was flawless and the interaction and communication was great throughout. I would strongly recommend for the design and development of any website. We are very much looking forward to working with Nexa again on future projects.

Samuel Charles - Digital Marketing Manager, Pizza Express

Love the whole team! Ravi, Andrew and the team have been so involved and supportive on the top level! They are 24/7 on top of things and support at any given time! Even though there is so much happening on our accounts they put it all together! The creativity is beyond amazing! Everything is done so well and the turn around time is quick!

Melroy Lopes - Digital Marketing Manager, Novo Cinemas
Digital growth consultants

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