Microsite Design and Development: Breakdown of Options

Perfect for marketing campaigns, new product launches or short term small information portals - Microsites are often the answer. They are site's connected to your brand, yet do not form part of your main website's URL. These extensions can help your business with SEO, brand awareness and website management.

Many businesses often go down the road of creating unnecessarily large websites and online portals for marketing campaigns or new product launches when a simple 4 or 5 page microsite would have been more time and cost-effective. 

With a full understanding of your objectives, we'll provide you with a small-scale site that provides the gist of what is needed for a particular project or campaign, whether to sell select merchandise or to support a marketing campaign. We design and develop responsive microsites with or without a CMS (Content Managing System), as per your requirements.

With a Microsite, your Brand can...

  • Keep things organised

For a clean-looking website and organization that keeps things clutter-free, you could benefit from directing certain audiences to a specific site. This way, you can keep your leading site and the microsite for your project as separate, albeit coherent entities. 

  • Cater directly

By having a designated site, the people who visit it can find what they came for straightforwardly without the possibility of being overwhelmed with all of your content and services. 

  • Have temporary services or campaigns

Microsites are often created for the time being, which allows for a degree of experimentation and flexibility. You can venture away from your traditional methods to see what other techniques work for you, and then archive that fully without deleting sections from your main site. 

  • Expand your brand

Microsites can extend your brand awareness, allowing you to reach new audiences. It can also improve your SEO efforts as the unique URL can contain specific keywords, and it can lead people back to your main website if you add in the relevant links. 

  • Generate leads

Microsites are an excellent source for lead generating tools which can capitalize on their increased customer engagement. By having valuable, interactive and specific content, you are more likely to generate high-quality and pre-qualified leads on these specified sites.

We create microsites that are:

  • Engaging and relevant content in a variety of formats

  • Simplified by means of navigation, focus and CTAs

  • Interactive with tools such as gamification

  • Easily shareable

  • Embedded with analytical tools

  • Optimized, from the URL to the content

  • Inherently quick to create

If you are running a particular campaign or selling niche products as a sideline revenue stream for your brand, a microsite will save you the time and costs of redeveloping your main website. They work particularly well for those interested in developing short term sites for specific campaigns. 

Nexa also offers a range of other website offers if microsites are not right for you. Chat with us about your ideas and what you'd like to achieve. If it's right for you, we'll make it happen. If not, we can work with you to develop your main website, introduce you to CRM, or produce content aligned with your needs. 


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Most of what we understood about business pre-2020 is irrelevant and over the last 2 years, we have had to reimagine business processes in the new normal by capitalizing on digital technology. We learned to act fast, be nimble in our approaches and flow with the consistent movement and disruption across all industries.

This change will be a part of our lives for many years to come and as we adjust to the new normal, we are now in a position to use what we have learned to craft a powerful future for our businesses.
2022 is about mastering these changes and leveraging off digital technologies and marketing technologies in order to achieve consistent business growth.

In this eBook, we’ll take you through digital growth tools and techniques that you can use to ensure business growth and continued success in 2022 and beyond.

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