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Microsite Design and Development

Perfect for marketing campaigns, new product launches or short term small information portals - Microsites are often the answer!

Many businesses often go down the road of creating unnecessarily large websites and online portals for marketing campaigns or new product launches when a simple 4 or 5 page microsite would have been more time and cost effective.  As long as we fully understand your business' objectives, we won't let you make that mistake.

We design and develop Mobile, Tablet and desktop friendly microsites with or without a CMS(Content Managing System) depending on your requirements.

If you are interested in developing a short term microsite or want to drive users to a campaign based website, contact us. 

Microsite Design and Development: Breakdown of Options

Options for Microsite Design & Development with Nexa, Dubai
  • Perfect for short terms marketing campaigns, product launches and events
  • A good solution if your business cannot easily modify or update your existing website
  • Ideal for data collection 
  • Great for testing foreign language sites and new territories without building out complex and expensive websites
  • Quick turnaround times of less than 7 days for fully designed and developed microsites

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Creating a Business Strategy that directly impacts growth

Growing a business today is harder than it's ever been. Today's consumers are highly empowered and have access to more information than ever before.

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