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Website Marketing & Pay Per Click Advertising Services

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Pay Per Click  (PPC) advertising is one of the most commonly used digital marketing channels.  As the name suggests, advertisers are only billed once a internet user clicks on a specific advert.

PPC is commonly linked to Google Advertising, however as technology has evolved, so too have PPC opportunities.  Today, PPC advertising is available not only through Google but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Each platform provides access to a different type of customer so it's well worth considering the use of more than just one of the platforms above for your PPC marketing activity.

Pay per click on Google

Pay Per Click on Google with Nexa Digital, Dubai

There's an important reason as to why companies continue to spend billions of dollars with Google each year and that reason is results. The best campaigns on Google produce a constant and consistent stream of new business opportunities that help businesses grow.

There are however some points to note if you're considering advertising your business on Google:

  • Google focuses on search intent.  For example, most people turn to Google when they are looking for something very specific.
  • You can create both text and banner adverts on Google.  Your banner adverts can be shown on hundreds of thousands of websites that are linked to the Google Display Network. 
  • Badly created campaigns can cost a lot of money with very little results.  It's important that a Google Certified Agency create your campaigns for you.
  • The most expensive cost per click rates on Google in the world are in the UAE. Therefore, it's important to create a carefully crafted campaign and to understand how much a new sales lead is likely to cost you before you start.

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Growing a business today is harder than it's ever been. Today's consumers are highly empowered and have access to more information than ever before.

While this presents a challenge to businesses, it's hugely important to understand why a company needs to re-think their growth strategy and shift their attention to the customer.

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