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Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business

Having worked with over 500 businesses in multiple industries, the Nexa team specializes in producing in-depth digital marketing strategies for businesses of any size. This activity can form a part of a more in-depth partnership, or as a standalone service for companies who have the internal capabilities of executing the strategy.

Effective marketing requires a strategy. Since digital marketing can be calculated down to a science, so too should marketing plans. Our team combines storytelling and science in marketing, with a full range of skills covered, from our content creators to our strategists. 

What's included in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • Full client discovery: We delve into the branding of your business to determine the best ways to communicate your business's products, services and unique selling point. We examine this from your client's perspective to determine where your business is in the marketplace. 

  • Customer persona development: For the best marketing deliverables, we research your target audiences and customers to develop segmented profiles. This will assist in identifying their influences, wants, needs and habits. Marketing communication and campaigns are based on this information. 
  • Competitive analysis: Scoping the industry and your competitors to determine your key competitors and analyzing their position within the market. This will ensure your business meets the standard and also stands out from among them. 
  • Full digital strategy breakdown: We deliver the complete strategy over pre-determined sets of time. This will incorporate the selected marketing channels and relevant, actionable activities. It will include the content creation process and steps planned for the management of the rollout of this marketing. 
  • Budget: Nexa works with each client to determine a reasonable budget, per their business size and their marketing requirements. This will take into account all of the processes involved, from the starting strategy and conceptualization to all of the necessary tasks required to carry it out. 
  • Forecast: You are presented with the expected results of the proposed strategy, including key indicating figures and ROI figures. Measurement and reactions in real-time are essential in today's marketing landscape. For this, Nexa makes use of highly intuitive technology.

Nexa's strategies are based on your business and meeting your client's needs. That said, we also ensure that value is communicated in your marketing messages, in the most optimized manner to present you with maximum results in the long term. 

Nexa's Partners

We are partners with HubSpot, a world leader in CRM software. This provides a multitude of benefits and allows for the all-important automation of marketing, which can significantly improve the output and results of campaigns. 

Pipeline Solutions is another partner of ours, who are specialists in lead generation. Working with them, we can provide your business with increased reach through leads, who are then categorized and pre-qualified in a process that facilitates sales. 

The digital marketing strategies we provide for our clients are comprehensive, including the following services:

  • Content marketing
  • Native advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing 
  • Inbound marketing

In addition to the above, we assist our clients with CRM software, website design, videography, photography, app development and sales leads. When working with Nexa, you can be rest assured you have come to a one-stop top digital marketing agency, who can look after all of your needs - and get the results you're looking for.

All of these services mentioned above factor into creating a holistic and formidable marketing strategy. While each client is unique, the strategy will consist of a combination of the above to suit both the brand and audience. 

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