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Free & Instant Website / SEO Audit

Together with the quality and depth of content on your website, the structure and design of your site plays an important role in terms of how search engines such as Google rank and display your website.

Therefore, before you begin any SEO or website optimization project, it's important that you have an overview of the performance of your website as its currently stands.

The Importance of a Website Audit

The purpose of a website SEO audit is to give you a detailed analysis of your websites health, search engine ranking and all round performance. By assessing certain areas, you will be able to get a full picture of your website effectiveness, which will help you gain further insight into how to improve and optimise your site. A website audit will help you identify any issues your site may be experiences and with this information you will be able to implement tactics to better your sites health, and in turn, gain more clients. 

What is an SEO Audit

An SEO audit will measure how well your website has been optimised for the search engine results and it will analyse your keywords, links, traffic behaviour, meta data, conversions and more. This kind of audit will give your marketing team insight into what factors are affecting your websites performance and will help set you on the right path.

As it stands, Google is continuously updating their algorithm to ensure only the best sites get presented to users, and by conducting a thorough SEO audit you will always be kept up to date with any changes and you will have the opportunity to make the relevant changes to ensure your site SEO is always up to Google's ever changing standards.

What an SEO Audit will Analyse

An SEO audit covers a variety of aspects related to your website optimisation.

The basics that are looked at in an SEO Audit include:

  • Content – Low quality, unhelpful content will be identified and need updating, redirecting or removing.
  • Tagged Images – Check for image tags to ensure the search engines know what is being presented in your website images.
  • Meta issues – Ensuring all website pages have relevant and unique meta data.
  • Headers – Ensuring headers are used effectively throughout the website.
  • Mobile responsive  An audit will check to see if your site functions properly on mobile devices and tablets.
  • URL structures – Will check if all your website pages have the right URL structures.
  • Duplicate content – Identifying any pages with similar or the same content.
  • Broken links – Identify any possible broken links - both external and internal 404’s that need to be amended.

Essentially, a website SEO Audit will identify anything that may lead to a website penalisation, giving you the opportunity to make the necessary amendments. Essentially, with an SEO audit in place, you will never get left behind. 


Obtain your free and instant Website Audit

To obtain your audit, simply complete the details in the form as requested.  Within the audit, you will find the following:

  • Any technical issues that need to be addressed such as page load times.
  • Missing header information that will negatively impact your website.
  • Any content requirements based on the search terms important for your business.
  • Website code analysis.
  • The current performance and social activity related to your website.
Please feel free to download the report upon completion.  If you have any questions relating to this, please complete the form on this page and one of our experts will come back to you.

Complete the details below to see how optimized a specific web page, landing page, or blog post is for an exact keyword or phrase. Once completed, download your Audit

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