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Digital Transformation Consultation for Businesses

Digital Transformation for businesses can be defined as the change in activities, processes and procedures that a company embarks upon when integrating digital technologies within many, if not all aspects of their businesses.  Successful Digital Transformation implementation can produce efficiencies by streamlining processes, operational functions and positively impacting revenue.  Nexa's Digital Transformation strategists and consultants work with leading IT and Consultancy firms to help plan and deliver winning Digital Transformation strategies.

Which areas of a business can be impacted by Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Consultancy in Dubai
  • Business activities and functions: including marketing, sales, operations, human resources, administration and customer service to name a few.
  • Business processes: these can include internal operational processes as well as customer facing processes.  Digital Transformation can positively impact the effectiveness of these processes.
  • Business models: Digital Transformation can analyse the effectiveness of current business models, products and go to market strategies and challenge the future effectiveness of these in line with the business' overall objectives.
  • Business ecosystems: does the business' current partner / supplier network hold as much weight and value for the organisation in the current business climate post Digital Transformation?  Digital Transformation will assess the relevancy of existing partner networks.
  • Organizational culture: customer-centricity is the focus of most businesses that engage in aggressive digital transformation strategies, which in turn may require re-training and re-alignment of employee goals.
  • Sales enablement: successful implementation of digital transformation strategies that understand the impact of this on sales (and to an extent, marketing) and the alignment of these is critical.  The way customers buy is evolving faster than ever before and its up to businesses to adapt to this change - not for customers to adapt to how businesses want to sell to them

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