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Social Media Campaign and Project Services:

From time to time, businesses may require social media support to help create short-term campaigns or projects. This could be for lead generation campaigns, awareness campaigns or any other projects that require content creation and social media distribution.

Nexa provides a range of activities to support short term campaigns and has extensive experience in executing these. From extensive digital marketing campaigns to simple content creation support, our team can assist you with your requirements. We've created and implemented highly successful campaigns for the likes of Jumeirah (for Jumeirah Restaurant Week), DMCC (to celebrate 5,000 customers and raise money for the Red Crescent), Dubai Airports (for the award-winning Flash Dance campaign) and many others.

Working on your Social Media Campaign

Campaigns span over a predetermined period and are a planned set of marketing activities for a specific purpose. These often form part of your regular social media strategy and align with the marketing campaigns of your business. This is a great way to test the waters of working with an agency and learning from them.

When working with Nexa on a specific campaign or project, we factor this into the conceptualization, delivery and monitoring of the campaign. We have the techniques, tools and team of specialists in various areas to bring campaigns to life in a way that is suitable for our clients and their audiences. 

Here'sHere's more information on the processes we use in guiding campaigns for a client:

We will have a briefing with you to determine the objectives. There can be long and short term ones, though it needs to be concise and measurable. Some of your goals with a campaign may include:

  • Brand or product awareness
  • Educational campaign
  • A marketing promotion
  • Lead generation 
  • A launch
  • Increasing your engagement 
  • Building your online community

Next, we will work with you to determine whom you need to be targeting. This requires persona development based on research into your target audience. It will include all sorts of information about them, from their demographics to their interests and values. Defining the correct audience is crucial in your campaign being a success, as understanding them fully will allow marketers to best cater to their needs. 

Nexa has extensive experience in a range of social media platforms. Once we know what you want to achieve and whom we need to reach, we create campaigns for select networks, in ways that suit each platform's criteria for effective ad campaigns. 

One of the most valuable resources offered by a digital agency is their team of content creators. This is the culmination of visual, audio and copy that will be communicated to your audience. This is best when it is diverse and engaging, covering several mediums. We at Nexa can help you create

  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Stories
  • Captions
  • Audio clips
  • And many, many more types of creative content. 

The campaigns we work on include a focus on organic and paid potential, as we optimize the strategies and provide our clients with maximum value and conversion rates. Having a successful social media project allows your business to reach more people, with knock-on effects that uplift your brand and increase your sales revenue.

Working with an agency gives you peace of mind in knowing that experts are handling the campaign according to best practices and by utilizing the latest tools to ensure a seamless and holistic delivery. Nexa works with a variety of needs, businesses and budgets on award-winning projects. 



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