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Social Media Listening, Engagement and Reporting Services:

One of the key benefits for a brand's presence on social media is the ability to learn about your customer's perceptions and to engage in any conversations that form part of their world. Remember, whether you have a presence on social media or not, it's likely that your customers are already talking about you, so having the ability to respond and be an active part of it has enormous advantages.

Our social media listening, engagement and reporting services include 24/7 monitoring of publicly available conversations on the web and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our team has been trained to engage with audiences using optimal and appropriate tonality and use enterprise-level tools to provide extensive reporting for each client and activation.


While interacting with your audiences on social media is of the utmost importance, passively watching and listening is too. This refers to the analysis of the current landscape and sentiments that surround your business in online spaces. It provides the content to your marketing as it relays the information that matters to your customers. Tapping into this information and being able to draw insights from it can significantly improve your marketing strategies. Social media listening should be performed on an ongoing basis, as it can provide marketers with crucial information regarding:

  • Pain Points
  • Leads
  • Competitors
  • Opportunities
  • Influencers
  • Thoughts

By harnessing the above, you can transform your marketing to suit the content and better understand your online community. You will build stronger relationships by understanding your audiences and their world better. It is the kind of information that is crucial, and at your fingertips, you need to collect and sort the data accordingly. 


Engagement is gold in the currency of digital marketing. It refers to two-way communication between a brand and its customers. Engagement can take many forms, all of which have their role in building an online community. Beyond catering to your audience, engagement is also vital for your brand being picked up by algorithms and therefore having sufficient reach online. Marketers are required to build meaningful relationships with their followers on social media in order to meet the needs of their target audience and boost the brand's perception. It is required across all of the platforms used by a business and includes the following fundamental factors:

  • Being active: Positing content and being part of the mix. 
  • Being responsive: Responding personally and as quickly as possible. 
  • Be consistent: This fosters reliability among audiences and network algorithms. 
  • Provide value: The content you create needs to speak to your customer. 
  • Encourage sharing: User-generated content and reviews are valuable and should be openly praised.
  • Engage in direct messaging: This is a preferred method of communication among many social media shoppers.


Reporting on the performance of social media is one of the most important steps for a marketer, as does much more than showing which KPI goals were met. With robust reporting tools available, we at Nexa work on creating detailed and insightful reports that showcase the successes of a campaign, as well as the windows of opportunity for future campaigns. It is easy to get lost in the many figures available when it comes to social media, so knowing which ones matter most to your brand, such as those which accurately reflect your brand's online engagement, are a highly beneficial resource for a business to have. These reports are based on precisely calculated values and are necessary in order to adapt in the way that is in the best interest of your brand.



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