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The role of content within a digital marketing campaign is more significant than ever.

They don’t say “content is king” for nothing! Content marketing is vital for online success as it allows businesses the opportunity to connect with their target market by providing them with relevant and helpful information. 

At Nexa, we understand the value of content marketing and will design a content strategy that engages with your customers and potential customers, with the aim of building trust, nurturing relationships and converting your leads into loyal clients.


The Importance of Content Strategy for Digital Marketing

When a user searches for your product or service online, it is important that your website appears on the first page of the search results, and if you want to achieve this you need a strong content strategy.

Search Engines such as Google want to provide users with content that is relevant, helpful, and meaningful in relation to the users search and with machine learning progressing daily, Google has been able to analyse the value of a web pages content, helping quality content rise up the search engine results ranks. If you want your website to be seen, attract traffic, gain leads and convert those leads into sales, then it is vital to create a high quality 

So, how does this benefit your bottom line? By delivering high quality and thought-leadership articles, not only will you increase your website ranking, you will keep users on your website for longer periods of time as they are interested in the information you are providing. By delivering this kind of value to your audience, you will get repeat visits to your site, build trust, and gain loyal customers - and this is the power of content strategy.

What does high quality content look like?

  • Long-form thought leader articles: Google favours long-form articles that inform the viewer and establish your business as an industry thought leader and your audience will appreciate this kind of content too. By providing your clients with information that they need, and assisting them through informative articles, you quickly establish yourself as an industry authority.
  • Search Intent: The job of a content marketing expert is to understand the intent behind a users specific search and make sure that the content presented on your website is relevant to this intent and helps the user. 
  • E-books/ E-Guides: E-book content offers the opportunity to expand on different elements of your business, expanding your authority on Google, and establishing trusted relationships with potential customers. This kind of content also gives you the opportunity to collect user data because in order to download this free content, the user will have to provide you with their contact information - helping with your lead generation efforts. 
  • Pillar Pages: A Pillar Page forms the foundation on which a specific topic is built and it covers all aspects of a particular topic on a single page. It also offers room for more in-depth reporting in more detailed cluster blog posts, all of which will hyperlink back to the primary pillar page. 
  • On Page Optimisation: This is the technical aspect of content strategy and is the practice of optimising a website and webpages in order to rank higher in Google’s search results.

These are just a few examples of what is required for a strong content strategy, other aspects of your content strategy will include social sharing, video content, infographics, content calendars, content automation, and content management.


Content Strategy Services

Business Survival in 2020


It's tough out there. COVID-19 has brought a premature end to many successful businesses around the world. With no clear end in sight for the pandemic, millions of businesses around the world are in survival mode.

But should we just aim to survive? Are there new opportunities that can help re-shape our businesses (for the better)?

Our new book: Business Survival in 2020: Fighting the Impact of COVID-19 aims to not only help businesses that need support but to also provide tips, tactics and recommendations to help businesses to identify and nurture new opportunities.

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