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HubSpot Marketing Automation and Sales Platform

Over the last 10 years, HubSpot has positioned itself as one of the leading Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement Platforms available.  Founded in 2006, HubSpot has over 20,000 enterprises currently using the platform in over 90 countries around the world.

Despite not having a Middle East office, HubSpot works closely with its regional partners to help manage a strong a portfolio of clients using the platform.  Nexa is proud to be HubSpot's most successful (and only Platinum partner) in the Middle East. As a partner, Nexa are currently helping dozens of businesses manage their marketing and sales activities to great success. 

  • Why should you consider using a platform like HubSpot with Nexa

Why should you consider using a platform like HubSpot?

HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.  Here are some reasons as to why you should consider using HubSpot, and working with us as your partner, to help your business grow:

  • Single platform that can manage your Website, Blog, Landing Pages, Email Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Monitoring and Publishing and SEO Performance.
  • HubSpot is designed to maximise the efficiency of your sales lead generation, marketing and sales processes to help you close more business.
  • Links seamlessly with most Sales CRM Platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and of course, the free HubSpot Sales CRM.
  • In-built analytics tracks the effectiveness of every page on your website.
  • Marketing Automation allows you have highly personalised conversations with prospects on mass.  
  • HubSpot will help your sales team work smarter.  Sales alerts allow your sales team to track a prospect every time they visit your website.
  • Sales and Marketing Personas are tracked throughout the platform allowing you to segment customer databases by profile type.

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HubSpot Features

There are countless features included within the HubSpot software license.  Some of the main features are highlighted below:

Website CMS

HubSpot's Website CMS was recently voted the best performing content management system of 2016.  There are obvious advantages to having your website hosted on the HubSpot platform together with your email marketing, marketing automation and sales CRM.

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Marketing Automation

HubSpot's a Marketing Automation platform, so you'd be right to expect some wonderful automation features within the platform. Using simple Workflows, users can create trigger based alerts and emails to help nurture prospects and alert your sales team to new opportunities.  A marketers dream.

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Lead Scoring

For any sales team, understanding the difference between a genuine hot prospect versus someone who is at the early research stage can save time, effort and money.  HubSpot's Lead Scoring system allows you to understand which prospects to focus on.

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CRM Integration

HubSpot seamlessly integrates into large-scale CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics that allows you to track both sales and marketing performance on the platform of your choice.  

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In-Depth Website Visitor Tracking

In-depth visitor tracking allows you to see who's visiting your website and the pages they view, even if they haven't filled out a form or contacted your company yet.

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Already a HubSpot user? We provide consulting and support services to help you take your inbound marketing to the next level

Initial Setup

We assist you with a hassle-free setup and onboarding to HubSpot's Marketing & Sales Platform.

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Consulting Services

Receive hands-on guidance from our Inbound experts who will work with you to better utilize and maximize your gains from Hubspot's Marketing & Sales Platform.

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Hubspot workshops
Two Day Intensive Workshop

Enrol yourself & the team into a two-day intensive workshop to educate yourself on how you can better use HubSpot to accelerate your marketing success.

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