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Website Pricing: How Much Does a New Website Cost?

Whether your business is located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah or other parts of the Middle East, the price of a new website will help you to determine whether the project will go ahead or with which partner.

That's why we created this web page.

Over the last 6 months or so, we've created a number of articles on our blog that try to answer the difficult questions relating to website costs.   We've had positive feedback on the articles too as people have understood more about our processes and the differences between a "good" website and one that's maybe not so good.

Here are the articles - feel free to browse through these and provide us with any feedback that you may have:

How Much Does a New Website Cost in Dubai by Ben Goodman

The Cost of a New Website in Dubai by Amit Vyas

The cost of a new website should be determined by a number of different factors. Clearly, your initial financial outlay is important but given the modern business arena where a website can become a powerful sales vehicle for your company, you should also consider the opportunity cost of not developing a first class website to represent it.

Our Dubai Based Web Design & Development Services

What is the Cost of a New Website by Nexa, Digital Marketing Agency, Dubai

Nexa are one of only a handful of companies that have their entire design servicing team located in our Dubai office.  Most of our competitors either use outsourcing partners or have a outsourcing office of their own located outside of the UAE.

Why Is This Important?

Website design is a complex ever-changing art with technology changes and updates almost available on a weekly basis.  Our in-house research and development team in Dubai are constantly innovating and testing new technology and boundaries.  For us, every project is unique and allows us to create technically brilliant, visual masterpieces that will provide a instant return on investment.

Why Do We Do This And Why Doesn't Everyone Do The Same?

We made this decision right at the start of our journey in 2005.  Although a much more expensive way of operating a web design company, we strongly believed that the only way that we could grow as a business and maintain a loyal client base was by ensuring that we were in full control of every project we work on.  Using a outsourcing partner doesn't allow this and means that most web design companies in Dubai are very rarely in control of the quality and deliverability of their projects.

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