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Content Management Systems

Open Sourced Solution or Tailor-Made Content Management Solutions - either way, we're happy to help!

NEXA builds fully tailor-made, custom content management systems (CMS) for each project without the use of 3rd party tools or programming.  That sets us apart from most other businesses and although the level of work involved in the development of our CMS is much greater, each client is provided with a CMS that is fully flexible and can be adapted over time as requirements change.

The NEXA CMS is also extremely user friendly and provides a WYSIWYG interface where site administrators can modify a ‘mirror’ editing version of the site, and then upload the new content at the click of a button.  More complex changes to the site can be administered using a MSWord type interface.

Open-Sourced Solutions

If your project requires a much simpler CMS integration, our development team are happy to integrate your website with a open-sourced solution that can reduce both project cost and the time required for implementation.

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