Sales & Prospect Databases / Data Sourcing

Sales & Prospect Databases / Data Sourcing

450+ Million data records

Sales & Prospect Databases / Data Sourcing

Lead generation is the life blood of any marketing and sales strategy and acts as a stimulant for potential customers. Essentially,  this process is the driving force from initial prospect engagement all the way through a client acquisition. With this in mind, a sales, prospect and lead database is vital for business growth as it helps you understand your audience and the buying cycle, and gives you the opportunity to nurture current and prospective clients.

By maintaining and collecting quality leads you have the power to increase your bottom line significantly - and sales and prospect databases are required to achieve this goal. 

Nexa has partnered with some of the world's largest and most recognised data aggregators to create a vast database of over 450 million professional data records.

Each data record is verified for accuracy using advanced algorithms to ensure that each record is as up to date as possible.

The Data (450+ Million Records):

For each records, we have a combination of the following information:

  • Personal: Name, Email, Phone, Education
  • Business: Company Name, Size, Industry
  • Location: Country, City, Locality

All of the above data is what's needed to create lead nurturing sales campaigns and helps keep your current clients informed - keeping your business top of mind at all times. 

Looking to get started with data?  We can help.  Visit this page to share your data sourcing requirements.

Building a Powerful Sales and Prospect Database

A customer database is made up of existing clients while a prospect database consists of individuals you would like to convert to customers. 

A powerful sales and prospect database will be organised, and segment your prospects based on where they are within the buying cycle. By understanding the primary structure and purpose of your sales and prospect database, you are able to manage your leads, nurture relationships, streamline your marketing and sales efforts and grow your business. 

Benefits of Sales & Prospect Databases and Data Sourcing:

  • Reliable source of data: By having an organised prospect database, your team has a reliable source of information regarding your targeted prospects. The data that you collect allows your sales and marketing team to have a fully rounded understanding of where each prospect is within the buying cycle which helps your team guide them through the buyer's journey. 
  • Centralised Location: By having a sales and prospect database you are able to have an organised and centralised space to store important customer and prospective data. This easy access to information ensures your sales team never misses a beat.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment: As the sales and prospect database is cenralised and houses important data regarding leads, their interaction with your business, and where they are in the buying cycle - your sales and marketing team are always on the same page. Allowing for greater marketing and sales cohesion.
  • Recording Prospective and Current Client Data: The ability to record and store customer data helps you optimise your sales and in turn increase your bottom line.  
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns: By storing this data, you can use your contact profiles for email automation campaigns and lead nurturing campaigns.  

Nexa will optimise your sales and prospects database, assist you in the process of data sourcing and help you optimise your database to ensure it complements your marketing and sales efforts. Our advanced and professional database solutions help you target the right prospects at the right time, and help you nurture them through the sales cycle. 

By collecting leads, managing data and storing all this valuable information in a centralised place, your sales and marketing team are able to work together to ensure significant business growth. 


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