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Independent / Semi Independent Project Management Services for Website Design & Development

Nexa deploys a highly-unique approach to Project Management that has been a major part of our success over the years.

For all large-scale projects, Nexa appoints a dedicated Semi-Independent Project Manager that objectively manages the entire project, deliverables and deployment.

The Project Manager will be client-side and can also be located at your offices for the entire duration of the project ensuring that all deliverables and timelines are met and that the responsibilities of both parties are understood and accountable.

Most Marketing / IT Managers and Business Owners are not Project Managers

When a new Marketing Manager or IT Manager is recruited, most job descriptions will not include responsibilities such as "project management of new websites" or "ensuring maximum user experience of company x's website".  Therefore, in most organisations, it's fair to say that those tasked with launching a new website for a company do not have the skills, experience or technical know-how required to take a website from initial idea to a live, functioning and high-performing site.  Because of this, there are a number of risks that need to be considered.

We can help (a) businesses looking to develop a new website and (b) businesses already developing a new website with another agency but are concerned at the speed of progress.

The risks of developing a new website:

The risks of developing a new website, Nexa, Dubai
  • Risk 1: Not being prepared enough to undertake the project. Businesses need to make sure that they understand the goals of the new website, that all stakeholders and decision makers are in agreement with the goals, all marketing collateral such as brand colours and logos are available, and some aspects of content are ready for use on the new website.
  • Risk 2: Decision making processes not agreed. One of the biggest issues that businesses face during a website design project is when there is no clear decision making process or where there is no 'final' decision maker. This often results in multiple opinions and ideas that leave the development agency in a state of confusion, especially where opinions from the client are contradictory.
  • Risk 3: Internal Project Lead (i.e. Marketing Manager / IT Manager) doesn't have the authority for final sign-off. In this scenario, the internal project lead may work closely with the development agency and together they create a website that both are satisfied with. Unfortunately, the internal project lead needs to present the website to senior management who will ultimately decide if the website will be approved. At this stage, additional risks such as new feature requests or drastic overhauls are required that may extend the life of the project substantially, resulting in increased project fees and a higher opportunity cost for the business.
  • Risk 4: The risk of mis-management. In the past, we have taken over seemingly simple website projects that should have taken no longer than 2 to 3 months for development, but were now running close to a year with little progress. Based on our experience, the ONLY time this happens is when the development agency does not have a clearly defined development process in place. It's often as simple as that but the risk for both parties of not having this process could be catastrophic for both.
If your business is dependent on the performance of your website to help you succeed, it's important that you don't take unnecessary risks with its development.

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