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Website Visitor Tracking with HubSpot

Gone are the days when tools such as Google Analytics would be enough to provide your business with the level and depth of insights required to make important decisions for your business.   Previously, high level metrics such as Goal Conversions would suffice, but today, it's absolutely vital that businesses understand exactly which pages of their websites are working and also which pages are not.  

HubSpot's detailed visitor tracking looks at each individual on your website and tracks their behaviour as they browse through each section, website page and landing page.  It also tracks page-level conversions and identifies the specific individual that has converted from that page.  This information allows businesses to fully understand the user journey of each prospect and customer so that these behaviours can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a website.

HubSpot Tracking Features:

Visitor Tracking HubSpot with Nexa, Dubai
  • HubSpot tracks each user and their journey and interactions with your business, your website and sales conversations.
  • Automated alerts can notify your sales team whenever one of their leads revisits your website or even re-opens a previously sent email.
  • Website visitors can be tracked on an individual basis even if they have not submitted their personal details or information on your website.  The second they do, their previous interactions are mapped back providing value insights that would otherwise be lost.
  • Customers can be tracked back to their very first interaction with your business providing clear return on investment analysis for your marketing efforts.

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