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Lead Scoring with HubSpot

If your business is directly involved with the selling of products and services to customers, it may often be difficult to understand the difference a 'hot lead' and a 'cold lead'.  Their behaviours may be the same including how they interact with your sales team during sales meetings and sales calls, which only adds to this complexity.  The challenge is time.  The time lost pursuing a cold lead that has little or no interest in purchasing your products and services can never be replaced.  In fact, the time lost may reduce the time spent and attention provided to a hot lead that is likely to close into a sale.

Lead Scoring helps businesses to identify the differences between leads by placing a number of sales attributes and giving each of these a score that helps separate hot and cold leads. 

Key Features of HubSpot's Lead Scoring System

Sales Lead Scoring HubSpot with Nexa, Dubai
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Create a set of buying signals that are tracked by HubSpot with each signal assigned a score based on importance.
  • Assign scores to a potential customer's website visits, page views, emails opened, forms filled, social media engagement and more
  • Sales teams can be alerted to the hottest sales leads and be alerted the very next time that prospect returns to your website
  • Reduces lost sales time and allows your team to focus on those that want to buy from you

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