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Blog Creation and Blog Article Creation

Here's a fun fact:  Over 60% of the traffic on this website is generated from our blog articles!

High quality blog articles can provide large, highly qualified volumes of traffic to ANY website and despite blogs being advocated by Google as something all business should be publishing, many businesses are still unsure of the benefits of hosting a blog on their website.

Why should you create a corporate blog and publish blog articles on your website?

We're often asked this question by companies, who are unsure of why they should create this type of content.   There are multiple reasons why businesses should consider creating both a blog and regular content in the form of blog articles so we've compiled a list of the most important reasons below:
  • Blog articles can help explain complex products or services in a non-sales but more customer focused way.
  • Blog articles can help build trust and authority for your business as well as the individuals who create content for your blog.  This provides your business with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and build trust in your brand and position you as authority within the subject being discussed.
  • Blog articles can help educate prospects to your way of thinking.  Most people who read a blog article are at the research stage of the purchasing or decision making process.  This provides you with an opportunity to shape the thoughts, requirements of that prospect by educating them about the product or services they are interested in.
  • Blog articles can contain a mixed variety of content, not just text.  A blog article can be or contain a video and also contain audio files.
  • Blog articles allow you to create answers to frequently asked questions that your prospects 
  • Google loves blog articles!  On Google's very own Webmaster blog, they clearly state that businesses should be creating a regular stream of quality content and hosting these on the website.  Blog articles help build your site's reputation both with customer and search engines. 
  • Blog articles are the best form of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Blog articles that rank well bring in new audiences to your website.  This in turn can easily translate into new sales opportunities and revenue!
  • Our team of content strategists and copywriters create over 1,500 blog articles for our clients each year.
  • If you're unsure if your business needs a blog or are unsure of the type of content your business should be creating, ask us!

Not sure of where to start?  Contact us to view a sample of our Blog Articles and to learn how blog articles can increase your website's traffic and performance.

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