As we settle into 2021 and navigate our way through the unpredictable and ever-changing new world we find ourselves in, one this is for certain: planning for the future needs to start now.  In 2020 businesses had to quickly adjust to remote working and new digital initiatives in order to stay afloat. And with these changes, customer expectations have been altered forever. We have now entered “the age of the customer” and we need to create strategies centered around delighting them through strong marketing tactics, sales initiatives and service excellence.

In this month's magazine we take a look at how you can use marketing technology to grow your business and how you can gain greater insight into the expectations of leads through advanced data collection - and prioritise your leads accordingly. 

We are also proud to have Alison Leishman from Spitfire Inbound, South Africa contribute to this month's issue. Leishman shares her thoughts on mental health, diversity, and digital sovereignty in 2021 and unpacks how we can use empathy to drive business growth 2021. 

We hope that this issue helps you gain greater insight into how you can align your marketing, sales and service strategies in 2021 to drive continued business growth and workplace positivity.

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